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The story of how I fell asleep and missed my interview with Pixie Lott

For example, the other day I was supposed to be interviewing Pixie Lott, but I FELL ASLEEP AND MISSED IT.
Yep, you read that correctly. I just literally could not attend the online webinar BECAUSE I WAS FRIGGIN SLEEPING. IN MY BED. And this is THE PIXIE LOTT we’re talking ’bout here.
So here’s what happened…

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My (Fashionable) Trip to Daegu

Hi readers, I haven’t posted anything new lately because I had my AP exams a few days ago, but I’m back now! Today I decided to share some photos that I took on a recent family trip to my parents’ hometown, Daegu. (It’s a city in the southern part of Korea.) I don’t usually enjoy […]

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The Graffiti Culture

Hi readers, Graffiti isย a controversial topic andย a widely infamous form of expression which, interestingly, falls awkwardly in between the two categories of ‘art’ and ‘vandalism’. It’s one of those unsolvable, continuing, ย Mรถbius strip-like subjects that have people fervently arguing on both ends. While graffiti is respected and even preserved sometimes as pieces of original artwork […]

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The 8 things I’ve learned during my 17 years of life so far

Hi readers, Since the title basically explains this post, let’s begin! #1. Quit Facebook. Facebook is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. It’s convenient and fun, yes, but it really doesn’t help. And despite what your instincts tell you, you don’t need it. Who cares whether the obnoxiously pretty, mean, popular girl in school looks […]

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