Interview with loveable singer-songwriter Rachel Platten

“I think on this upcoming record my fans will surprised and hopefully psyched to hear the different influences. I have a gospel choir on two songs, electric guitar on a lot, live horns, drums, and yet tons of programming. Im super excited because I explored quite a lot of genres on these new songs while maintaining my sound, not easy to do, but oh man we did it.”

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FASHION, Personal Stuff

Style lord, Lorde. (Excuse the pun.)

Hey readers, I remember a conversation with a close friend of mine where he asked me, “If you could look like anyone in the world, apart from yourself, who would you want to look like?” And I remember myself immediately replying, “Lorde.” He seemed puzzled, and asked why. I said, “She’s confident, unique, and so…raw.” (Raw […]

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Personal Stuff

My lazy Tuesday

Hey readers, Today I didn’t go to school because it was the school’s 30th anniversary. I lingered around at home, went alone to a nearby cafe, read a book, studied, ate food, ate food, ate food, and ate food (you get what I’m sayin’). On a typical Tuesday I would be at school all day(school […]

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