Why not judge? Because we’re evolving, that’s why.

Let people do their thing. That’s the only direction in which this society will be able to shift toward a more humanitarian, productive future.
We can no longer afford to pretend like we live in a world of simplicity where, if one red berry is poisonous, the next similar looking red berry is, too.

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What it takes to be a model

Hey readers, You know when we see a hot girl/guy and gush about her/him to our friend sitting next to us, whispering, “She/He should so totally be a model!” What thought runs through our mind at that exact moment? What makes us decide, in that moment, that a pretty, skinny, tall, handsome person ‘should be […]

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Summer fashion photoshoot!

Hey readers, I hope you’re all having a great day : ) Today I went to the Han River(Seoul’s major river, the fourth longest on the Korean peninsula) with family and took some great photos of how my sister wore her outfit. It was a beautiful sunny day so the pics really turned out better […]

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