I don’t know how to take photos but I tried.

I can see your collarbones and baby I’m scared.
Never thought I’d be so unprepared.

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What it takes to be a model

Hey readers, You know when we see a hot girl/guy and gush about her/him to our friend sitting next to us, whispering, “She/He should so totally be a model!” What thought runs through our mind at that exact moment? What makes us decide, in that moment, that a pretty, skinny, tall, handsome person ‘should be […]

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VOGUE Confuses Me

Hey readers,   This photo pretty much sums up my evening. Since midterms exams ended two days ago, I no longer had to fight back against the urge to run straight to the nearest bookstore and get my copy of the controversial Kim Kardashian&Kanye West (aka ‘Kimye’) covered latest issue of VOGUE magazine. After purchasing […]

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Personal Stuff

The 8 things I’ve learned during my 17 years of life so far

Hi readers, Since the title basically explains this post, let’s begin! #1. Quit Facebook. Facebook is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. It’s convenient and fun, yes, but it really doesn’t help. And despite what your instincts tell you, you don’t need it. Who cares whether the obnoxiously pretty, mean, popular girl in school looks […]

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