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Talking to Korean fashion people in a cafe: An honest look inside the newly arising fashion scene

Meet the emerging heroes of the Korean fashion scene, the popular Korean fashion group, Alexandergrupe…
“I think the most important thing would be… a person’s overall atmosphere. But looks are also important. I can’t deny that. You do need to be a certain height and your body needs to meet some physical standards for you to be able to be a model in the industry. “

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My good friend Rylee. And our little photoshoot!

Hey readers, I took the MBTI personality test(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), which is a surprisingly accurate test that can determine which of the given 16 personality types you belong in. ย I got ‘INTP’. This means I’m extremely analytical. I enjoy(and unfortunately or fortunately feel the irrational impulse) analyzing just about everything and anything that catches my […]

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You’re part of a trend, whether you like it or not.

Hey readers, Fashion trends are rooted in the basic human desire to imitate. It’s a human nature that has been psychologically proven, over and over again, through the behavior of infants and in the discipline of social psychology. It’s what runs the fashion industry. It’s what drives consumers to willingly open up their wallets and […]

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