Why not judge? Because we’re evolving, that’s why.

Let people do their thing. That’s the only direction in which this society will be able to shift toward a more humanitarian, productive future.
We can no longer afford to pretend like we live in a world of simplicity where, if one red berry is poisonous, the next similar looking red berry is, too.

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When to break up

it means they are too stupid to notice that behind that mask you are also an expert at cracking jokes at the right timing, or that you can’t pronounce certain words properly but look cute because of it, that you always analyze people in the subway like you’re freakin’ Sherlock, that you curl up in a ball when you sleep, that you never drink fizzy drinks, that you have a whole Pinterest board full of pictures of gorgeous bedrooms because, well, you like bedrooms, that you’re secretly good at singing but you don’t sing in front of other people, that you love to argue, that that you keep a diary journal that’s full of all the nice things he/she did or said to you and that the list each day got shorter and shorter, or that your eyes used to light up whenever he/she walked into the room. If they can’t see the little things like that and love you for them, they’re probably not worth the heartbreak.

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Intimate Conversations

(while ice skating together last Wednesday)

Me, carefully tiptoeing and clutching onto the railing for dear life: Aren’t you scared that you might fall over?

Sister, laughing, whizzing past: Well of course I might fall over! But then how are you gonna do anything?

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Summer fashion photoshoot!

Hey readers, I hope you’re all having a great day : ) Today I went to the Han River(Seoul’s major river, the fourth longest on the Korean peninsula) with family and took some great photos of how my sister wore her outfit. It was a beautiful sunny day so the pics really turned out better […]

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