The story of how I fell asleep and missed my interview with Pixie Lott

Hey readers,

I feel like, because it’s hard to find an avid fashion blogger my age in Korea, lots of people tend to think I must be an incredibly amazing blogger. The thing is, whether I’m interviewing America’s Next Top Model models, hosting collaboration projects, or talking to magazine editors, I slip up a lot. And I mean A LOT.

For example, the other day I was supposed to be interviewing Pixie Lott, but I FELL ASLEEP AND MISSED IT.

Yep, you read that correctly. I just literally could not attend the online webinar BECAUSE I WAS FRIGGIN SLEEPING. IN MY BED. And this is THE PIXIE LOTT we’re talking ’bout here.

So here’s what happened. Recently I found a blogger community newsletter in my heap of emails. There was a link to attend the online Q&A session with Pixie Lott, hosted by the brand Magnitone. Of course, being a Pixie Lott fan, I applied. As I waited in anxiety and anticipation, I received an email informing me that I’d made it; that I’d been chosen to participate in the exclusive live webinar session with Pixie Lott. At that point I could practically imagine the looks of utter shock and admiration on people’s faces when they found out about it. Tingling with excitement, I posted this on facebook.


And people were in awe, as I’d expected.


I was too busy basking in the glory of being the first person among my friends to be able to exclusively interview someone as famous as Pixie Lott, that at first I did not realize that the Q&A session was in three hours. I was probably the last person put on the list.

I honestly freaked out when I read the words ‘Reminder: the exclusive Q&A session with Pixie Lott is in three hours(4AM)!’ in my business inbox. I’d been studying at school until 10PM that day, I was tired, I needed a shower and a nice few hours of sound sleep. A short internal conflict occurred in my head-should I stay up until 4AM and talk to Pixie Lott, or should I just forget it and get some sleep? After a split second, I decided that the former would definitely have to happen, because, who knows, this could be my big break, right? You never know in the blogging world.

So I drank my coffee, washed my face, and sat at my desk to prepare myself for the painful three hours of cruel, wearisome waiting in anticipation and irritation from severe sleep deprivation that were to come. I did everything to keep myself awake. After all, I couldn’t let my readers(you guys) down, and my friends were counting on me to nail this Q&A session and tell them all about it.

AND THEN guess what I did. I got a little drowsy, so I thought, ‘just 5 minutes…yes…I’ll just close my eyes for just, just…5 minutes’, and then I WENT TO MY BED. Now there’s one thing you need to know about my bed-it’s the coziest, softest, most sleep-inducing patch of space on planet Earth. It’s truly a fine bed. And as I lay down, I kept telling myself, ‘Everything will be fine… I’m sure I’ll get up before 4…’ BUT NO.

NO, NO, NO. JUST. NO. I DID NOT get up before 4. In fact I did not get up at all until the clock struck 7:10 AM. I opened my eyes, got straight up, stared at the clock, rubbed my eyes, then stared some more. The clock definitely said 7:10. I panicked for a while, even thinking, ‘well..well…maybe the webinar isn’t over! Maybe I’ll still get to talk to Pixie…’ But I regained my logical thinking skills, muttered some bad language about how I was such an idiot(WHICH I WAS), and went back to bed, because, you know, maybe it was just a big bad dream(which it wasn’t).

And that’s my story of how I almost, just almost, interviewed Pixie Lott. My friends were totally bummed when I told them, of course. My mother just laughed at me. I was mad at myself for a while but then, oh well.

This post was supposed to be about my almost-happened interview with Pixie Lott, but since it didn’t happen, here’s my reflection on the whole situation.

Thinking back now, firstly, I’m beginning to realize it’s not that big of a deal. #YOLO. Just kidding. That hashtag is overused. But seriously though, take that in for a moment-You Only Live Once. If I only live once, I wanna make mistakes, especially while I’m still young. I’m only human. There’s no point dwelling on the past and getting angry all over again. It’s a waste of precious time. Secondly, while I do need to forgive myself and move on, I also need to learn from my mistakes. Me missing the interview chance was totally my fault. I cannot blame anyone else for it since it was just the result of me being an idiot. Blogging and tackling school work all at once is turning out to be harder than I thought, and I do struggle. However, since I made the conscious choice to continue on with my blogging career, I need to start being more responsible for it. I need to improve my time management, primarily.

I also need to focus on the essence of my blogging. I always told myself that I didn’t want to be the type of fashion blogger that just posts photos of Chanel and Givenchy, accepting unhealthy fashion ideals and passing selling them on to the public as if those standards are the ultimate rules of fashion, conforming to trends without critical thinking. However, these days I often find myself thirsty for opportunities with famous, popular people that might give me my ‘big break’. It’s ridiculous, I know. I need to focus on my writing; my posts, which express my true colours and insights, and stop floating above my conscience, swimming on the edge of glamour and undeserved fame. This is my confession and promise to you guys that from now on I’ll remind myself each day of why I’m staying up this late(or NOT staying up, in the case of how my Pixie Lott interview went down, haha) and take myself to the beginning whenever I feel like I’m becoming too obsessed with the shallow glittery stuff. Because I believe I can make a positive change and contribute to the development of self-expression.

I love you guys. Thank you.

A 17 year old’s thoughts on Misogyny, Masculinity, and Elliot Rodger.

Hi readers,

I know I’m not supposed to do posts like this because, after all, this IS a fashion/art/lifestyle blog, but after watching Elliot Rodger’s YouTube videos and reading the comments of the horde of ignorant misogynistic people advocating(YES, ADVOCATING) the killings at UC Santa Barbara, I’m determined to write this post. It’s 3am and I’m supposed to be sound asleep in bed but I just cannot get myself to leave all this behind and put my mind to rest, not when nonsense like this is happening in this world..

So here we are. Humanity has come to a point where students who feel that they don’t get enough sex are totally capable of picking up a gun and killing their peers at school. We’re living in a generation of violence and distorted sexuality. During the past 33 years, the US alone has been through 71 mass murders, with Elliot Rodger’s being the 71st. It’s gross just to think about.


Now let’s talk about Elliot Rodger’s recent massacre for a while. Yes, we can all blatantly see that the issue is definitely related to guns being permitted so easily in the US, but some keen eyed analysts all around the internet have come up with theories about the linkages between the Elliot Rodger killings and misogyny, and although when I first heard about the murders I’d nearly lost all faith in the human race, after being assured that there still are some people that fully understand the issue and are capable of seeing the big social picture, I managed to regain some of my lost faith.

I wholeheartedly agree with the rapidly growing surge of netizens that are trying to raise awareness of how misogyny and social perceptions did indeed contribute a great deal to the terrible sin of Rodger. Anyone who has seen Rodger’s videos(click here to watch) would realize that he had a distorted view of the opposite sex and sex and dating itself. And while I acknowledge the fact that he was mentally ill, and that there are so many other issues related to what caused him to do what he did, I strongly feel that social atmosphere played a huge part in this crime.

In his videos, Rodger states that he doesn’t understand why girls aren’t attracted to him and won’t give him sex. He continuously emphasizes throughout his videos that it’s an injustice that girls won’t be with him. He says that he is going to show girls that he is the magnificent ultimate male by ‘slaughtering’ them. Later he said something along the lines of ‘I wouldn’t have killed the six innocent people if a girl had accepted me’. So from this we can observe that the main reason behind Rodger’s killings was that he was an incel(involuntarily celibate), which is a word defined by Urban Dictionary as “A frustrated virgin who feels as if the world owes them sex. A self-described ‘incel’ is highly likely to blame their virginity on the other 6,999,999,999 people on the planet rather than consider that maybe the problem lies inward.” (just to give you an idea of what it means.) Elliot Rodger wasn’t just an incel in his mind though-he had been participating in conversations on internet sites for men containing content degrading women and ‘standing up for men’s rights’.


(Elliot Rodger and a quote from his manifesto.)

Well. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to misogyny and distorted sexuality. A world where men kill because the other gender refuses to have sex with them or be in a relationship with them. The interesting question raised by many at this point is “Why men?” Among those 71 killings that have occurred in the US over the past 33 years, 70 of them have one thing in common. The fact that the perpetrators of the crimes were men. Here in Korea I’m constantly hearing more and more tragic stories of men raping/killing their ex girlfriends after being rejected by them. Do you feel anything yet? How about if I told you again that Elliot Rodger killed because he thought women owed him love and sex, and thought it an ‘injustice’ that women would not give it to him, and thought that murdering people would make him the superior alpha male? Rodger was just one of the many that have been/are being affected by the standards of masculinity that society has set for us-that males must not be emotional, that they must be strong at all times, that they need to “stop being a pussy” and show how tough they are by resorting to rash and (usually)violent actions. We need to realize that by setting and accepting(whether you’re doing it consciously or unconsciously) these standards, we as a society are leading our boys down the dark alleyway of violent masculinity.

A short video about the terrible things we do to boys before they grow into men.

All of this is linked together in a big, messed up ball which is dragging us all downhill into a pit of my lost faith in humanity. You know, I used to be so naive and hopeful of this world, and thought I could walk up to any stranger on the street and ask them which way to go and they would try their best to help me out. I thought no matter how bad things got, all humans still had a heart that would alert them whenever they tried to do something so…so inhumane. I guess I was just too naive for this world. Maybe stupid.


 I think any decent human being would be able to see that all these crimes were mainly derived from culture and the sickly obsession over masculinity as a form of strength and power. Not all men are deranged like Elliot Rodger or any of the other murderers were and obviously misogynistic perceptions have relatively decreased compared to the past, but the men that still do acquire a twisted self identity as a male have been and still are crushing the lives of innocent people and showing us how negatively powerful a social perception can be in creating such monsters. In a cultural atmosphere that often defines “being a true man” as showing power and a violent, cocky attitude, it’s not much of a surprise that many men affected by these strange standards of sexuality believe that the whole world owes them. These men have a mutated “masculine” ego that causes them to even believe that women owe them pleasure and sex, and, as in the case of Rodger, when women deny them these things, they feel that it is completely justified to display their “masculinity” by being brutal and killing people.

Scared of what will become of our society yet? Let me tell you an even more shocking fact: There are many people that applaud Elliot Rodger for his killings, claiming that the women should have given him sex when he wanted it.

WHAT? WHAT. WHAT?! Wha.. I’m still having trouble accepting it. Some netizens even went as far as to say that they “encourage more young men to take womens lives” and “thanks for putting these bitches in their place” or even victimized Elliot Rodger, stating that he had to go through the agony of  involuntary celibacy. And guess what? Some of these ridiculous comments had more than 50 likes. Which means there are actually lots of ignorant people in this world with distorted minds and a sick perception of their own sexuality and gender. And in a reality where misogyny and violent masculinity is proven to kill, just sit there for a moment and imagine the future of humanity…

Wanna see more outrageous stuff? This post was inspired by this video:


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My favorite men’s summer 2014 fashion: the online brand Bonobos!

Hey readers,

Honestly, this is my very first menswear post. I don’t usually blog about men’s clothes because I’m a woman and I (obviously) encounter women’s clothes more often, but brace yourselves because from now on I’m going to post more menswear posts. ‘Why?’ Because I’m in love. ‘With a man?’ Kind of. I’m in love with his chinos.

For those of you that are sitting in front of your laptops wondering what in the world the word ‘chinos’ could possibly mean, ‘chino’ is a type of twill fabric, and the word also refers to trousers(pants) made of the material. (When I say chinos I mean the trousers.) And they’ve caught my eye this summer. No wait-specifically, the menswear brand Bonobos‘s new 2014 summer collection of garment-dyed chinos has captured my so very special attention. (Visit Bonobos now!)


(Sea green garment dyed chinos. Bonobos.)

(I LOVE THIS COLOR!! It’s so fresh and minty!*squeals like a fangirl*)

For me the summertime is all about lighthearted fun and youthful cheer, and Bonobos’s garment dyed chinos say just that with their soft pastel tones and comfy-yet-preppy style. It’s like watching children make sandcastles, candyfloss(cotton candy) on a stick, and mint ice cream with delicious peanut sprinkles (why do I always make food comparisons…). I personally find it extremely attractive when men wear light colored trousers because it tones down the heaviness of the overall look and makes a guy look so much more brighter and approachable. If there’s anyone out there reading this that’s looking for a girl/boyfriend or trying to get that special someone’s attention in the school corridors, I recommend these wonderful garment dyed chinos.

Bonobos is a clothing brand focused on delivering great fit, high energy, and superb customer experience. Launched in 2007 on the Internet with its signature line of better-fitting men’s pants, Bonobos is now the largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the United States. In 2011 Bonobos extended offline, launching Bonobos Guideshops, e-commerce showrooms that deliver personalized, one-to-one service to those wanting to experience the brand in-person. In 2012, Bonobos expanded its distribution partnering with Nordstrom, bringing Bonobos apparel into select doors nationwide and to Across channels, Bonobos is focused on delivering a well-targeted brand promise: world-class fit, an innovative shopping experience and an energetic brand spirit. Bonobos was named “One of America’s Hottest Brands” by Advertising Age, “Best Men’s Pants” by New York Magazine, one of Inc. Magazine’s “20 Awesome Facebook Pages” and was awarded Crain’s “Best Places to Work in New York City”. Visit


(from Bonobos’s Street Style photoshoot.)

 The chinos go really well with canvas shoes or casual floral shirts. I love how men’s fashion is gradually moving away from the standardized ‘black, grey, and brown’ colors and stiff formal hemlines, and is shifting towards a more harmonized jumble of both originally feminine and masculine style traits.

I’m also personally deeply in love with floral patterns for menswear. It just makes men look so stylish and fabulous-it’s like they’re saying ‘talk to me, I’m flirtatious and interesting’.


(also from Bonobos’s Street Style photoshoot.)

There really aren’t many online clothing brands that I feel like I can trust(after all, it IS the internet), but Bonobos is a brand that’s always reliable, fashionable, and international(which is good news since lots of you guys, my readers, are from different countries)! Another thing I love about them is that they’re so unique with their collections and create trends rather than just follow mainstream trends.


(Garment dyed chinos. Bonobos.)


(Nantucket red garment dyed chinos. Bonobos.)



(Wheat garment dyed chinos. Bonobos.)




(Navy blazer garment dyed chinos. Bonobos.)



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VOGUE Confuses Me

Hey readers,



This photo pretty much sums up my evening. Since midterms exams ended two days ago, I no longer had to fight back against the urge to run straight to the nearest bookstore and get my copy of the controversial Kim Kardashian&Kanye West (aka ‘Kimye’) covered latest issue of VOGUE magazine.

After purchasing the magazine, I carried it home(obviously), feeling the weight of the magazine, the weight of the 286 pages of the epitome of the fashion industry, pressing on my palms. Arriving home, I flopped my body onto my sofabed in the most comfortable position I could create with my throw pillows, and tentatively opened the cover of VOGUE USA 2014/APR.

The first 50 pages or so were smothered with advertisements for all sorts of different high-fashion brands, the sort that most fashion bloggers would die for. The other two-hundred and something pages mostly featured skinny models in weird poses(except for an article featuring an athlete known as ‘the world’s fittest woman’), squinting at the camera, or showed photos of celebrities livin’ the good life.

I probably sound not like a fashion blogger but like a grumpy old person with no understanding of the fashion industry. Well, maybe that’s true. Ironically, although my lifelong dream, for a few years now, has been to become the editor of VOGUE one day, I can’t help but wrinkle my nose at the fashion industry, more often than a dedicated fashion blogger should. I must admit that although I have an immense passion for style and fashion, I’m not yet able to sympathize with the motives of the industry itself. It still confuses me, and today I was having an ultimate mental breakdown while flipping through the glamour-filled pages of VOGUE, the magazine of my dreams that I both adore and feel skeptical of at the same time.


(image above: Vogue UK  cover from January 1958)

Am I obsessed with reading the magazine? No.

Am I obsessed with the vibes that the magazine gives off in regard of the intriguing world of fashion and exquisite design; the very concept of such a magazine as VOGUE? Yes.

In short, to me, VOGUE is one of the most alluring solidificated masterpieces of creative human culture, and simultaneously it is the representation of the many flaws of the overly exclusive fashion world that promotes unhealthy idolization.

This is why VOGUE is such a confusing thing to me. I just can’t take a definite stance.

I mean, I’ve always been intrigued by human creations rather than the natural, already existent patterns of nature. Personally I find the former so much more interesting, because it gives me an idea of what we are capable of doing; what we can achieve as intelligent human beings. Also, human creations are a direct accumulation of our past-what we’ve done so far. And this is probably why fashion clicks with me. It’s such a magical concept, and anything beyond the limits of the laws of nature can be realized through human imagination and creativity.

You’d think, because of my views and feelings toward fashion that are portrayed in the paragraph above, that I should worship fashion magazines like VOGUE. But that’s not all. Like I assert fervently in many of my posts, the fashion industry and fashion magazines are greatly distorted in a way that promotes certain unified standards of beauty and style that, in my opinion, are extremely harmful for society, especially the younger generation(since they/we tend to be more influenced by lookism standards). That’s why I’m appalled whenever I open magazines like VOGUE and see a ton of brand labels each featuring the same standardized skinny, cheekbone-flashing model bombarding me and my 165cm, over-50-kg body.

I do understand that Conde Nast is a business, and that the fashion industry is indeed one of the most thriving money-generating hubs of this century, but I personally do believe that the fashion industry needs to be rooted in more philosophical values and a deep artistic passion for the world of fashion to be able to appeal to crowds of the other gender(men), wider generations, and people of different occupations. We need to work towards getting rid of the extensive glamour in order to let fashion show its true light from within. And although I’m still confused about why the fashion industry has to be so materialistic sometimes, one thing I know for sure is that that’s what I wanna do when I (hopefully) become the editor of VOGUE one day.


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Fashion and Feminism

Hi readers,

Growing up, I’ve realized that a ‘feminist’ is not an easy thing to be. First of all, you have to put up with a ton of people that don’t even understand the modern implications of the term ‘feminism’. And then we have the skeptics that ‘don’t believe in’ feminism. Last but not least, we have the hypocrites that define themselves as ‘feminists’ but simultaneously cannot help but depend on traditional, biased gender roles. But it’s even harder to be a feminist while being a fashion geek at the same time.

Feminism, defined by the Google dictionary, is ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men’. Makes sense, huh? Equality, as in being given equal opportunities and rights, as in being given an equal, fair, starting ground.


Fashion and feminism are two things that I’m most passionate about. They both have the inherent ability to empower women in a way that no other concept can. The two concepts are often compared and merged to achieve a contemporary understanding of look-ism and women. What is it in feminism that relates it to fashion? Does fashion have its roots in feminism?

Anyone who is remotely involved in fashion would know that Mary Quant, the owner of a boutique in London called Bazaar, officially introduced the miniskirt to the world during the 1960s. The 1960s were an era of revolution in a number of fields such as  philosophy, politics, religion, and fashion. People would challenge previously accepted social standards, and it was during this time that young girls would experiment with shorter skirts and different styles. The miniskirt gradually rose to fame and became popular. I guess you could say the miniskirt was a representation of the earliest form of feminism. It showed that women no longer had to be suppressed and have limited garment choices. Women could choose to show their own legs if they wanted to. 

But the thing is, feminism in fashion in today’s world takes a slightly different form to that of the 1960s. This is the era of Miley Cyrus, of Lady Gaga, and all the other ‘provocative’ artists. While explicitly putting your body on display was originally considered feminist, people are also voicing out their opinions from the other side of the viewpoint, that the oversexed culture is not feminist at all. People are starting to argue that wearing revealing clothes to get attention goes against the principle of feminism itself, since, in a way, it’s sexual commodification.


(image above: Mary Quant, creator of the miniskirt)

I’ve noticed that more and more people are turning against the 1960 miniskirt theory of feminism, and are extensively getting fed up of the oversexed media full of women that look like they just got out of the shower.

This shows that fashion isn’t just used for empowering women (by providing women with a basis to express themselves freely), it now has the counter effect of degrading women without them even knowing it. Of course, not all revealing garments can be branded as anti-feminist. It’s the premise or reason behind wearing(or more like, not wearing) them that determines whether a certain style of fashion is feminist or anti-feminist.

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