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At last, I’m off to study fashion

Truth is, I’ve wanted to become a fashion magazine editor-in-chief ever since I was fourteen.

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Collaborations, FASHION

Interview with the editor of Pictorial Project: How she created the biggest fashion project of Korea

I just did my own thing, even though people would often tell me, ‘you’re doing it wrong, you’re going to fail.’ I think that in today’s world, you need to do what you love because it’s not going to work any other way. If you do something you don’t truly love, you’re going to be beaten by the people who are in that field of work because they really love it and are competent.

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VOGUE Confuses Me

Hey readers,   This photo pretty much sums up my evening. Since midterms exams ended two days ago, I no longer had to fight back against the urge to run straight to the nearest bookstore and get my copy of the controversial Kim Kardashian&Kanye West (aka ‘Kimye’) covered latest issue of VOGUE magazine. After purchasing […]

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