At last, I’m off to study fashion

At last, I’m off to study fashion at S- University in Seoul, South Korea.


Most of you readers would probably know (or, at least, have gotten the idea) that I want to work in and change fashion. Truth is, I’ve wanted to become a fashion magazine editor-in-chief ever since I was fourteen. To me, as a student of two of the most prestigious international middle schools and foreign language high schools in Korea, ‘the fashion world’ always seemed like a faraway utopia. It was the path untaken and therefore, considered unsafe and, in a sense, unrecommended.

But, working on this blog, I proved to myself that fashion is for me and I am all for fashion. My readers gave me faith through their unwavering support, and that faith was enough for me to justify my applying to university to major in the study of fashion.

And now, thanks to you, thanks to everyone I’ve interviewed and worked with/interviewed me, thanks to everyone that’s encouraged me to take the reins in my life and steer myself toward a future that I know in my guts I’ve craved for a long time, I find myself here, a proud to-be-fashion major university student.

I plan to work my ass off (sorry for the crude language, but it’s the most accurate figurative term I can think of to describe the raw, honest attitude in which I will strive to do my best) to become the most passionate, brilliant fashion magazine editor-in-chief the fashion industry has ever witnessed.

Thanks for accompanying me on this delightfully wild journey. : )

Here’s a puppy.