People in Masks

People in masks Konni Kim Faces are covered, but they donโ€™t warn each other Of what is to come, they just simply become Unattached from the bone, the chorus is telling Us to come home, but the night is so young and it โ€˜s safer out here, itโ€™s divided by fear But when people are […]

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Obsessed with words?

Nuance can be everything, or it can be nothing. Easily put, I’d rather have my word choices be grammatically incorrect than essentially insufficient.
Secondly, I don’t love dictionaries and never have.

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Collaborations, FASHION

Talking to Korean fashion people in a cafe: An honest look inside the newly arising fashion scene

Meet the emerging heroes of the Korean fashion scene, the popular Korean fashion group, Alexandergrupe…
“I think the most important thing would be… a person’s overall atmosphere. But looks are also important. I can’t deny that. You do need to be a certain height and your body needs to meet some physical standards for you to be able to be a model in the industry. “

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Personal Stuff

I’m a coward. There, I said it. (My passive-aggressive tribute to 2014)

‘What’s stupid is that I’d always thought I was the strongest person in the world. I just knew I would succeed. I knew I was clever, driven, and assertive, and I was confident that I had the ability to ‘make a dent in the world’, as Steve Jobs stated. The word ‘coward’ never really came to mind when I was referring to myself, even while I was thinking my deepest, darkest thoughts.’

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