Bus Ride Home

Bus Ride Home The sunlight tickled my left eyebrow, as I lay my heavy head deeper into the fur hood of my winter coat. It was almost as if the golden light was grazing my face with its fingertips, causing me to wince and sneeze a little. Allergies.  I sense the middle-aged woman behind me […]

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Intimate Conversations

(while ice skating together last Wednesday)

Me, carefully tiptoeing and clutching onto the railing for dear life: Aren’t you scared that you might fall over?

Sister, laughing, whizzing past: Well of course I might fall over! But then how are you gonna do anything?

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Talking to Korean fashion people in a cafe: An honest look inside the newly arising fashion scene

Meet the emerging heroes of the Korean fashion scene, the popular Korean fashion group, Alexandergrupe…
“I think the most important thing would be… a person’s overall atmosphere. But looks are also important. I can’t deny that. You do need to be a certain height and your body needs to meet some physical standards for you to be able to be a model in the industry. “

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