Wearing Your Style And Yourself With Confidence

To devote yourself to fashion, you have to be able to devote yourself to wearing yourself loud and proud. Confidence in the things you wear and believe are just two parts of confidence in yourself. So how do you live being able to wear whatever you want and believe what you want?



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Don’t judge

Judging is something you’ve already heard about at length. Judgement is a healthy part of how humans navigate danger but modern society is so full of conflicting tastes and ideas that we do it to the extreme. Take a breath and bite your tongue when you think of judging other people. Creating an environment for you to be confident in is the same as creating that environment that does the same for others.


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Wear it proud

The first step to being confident enough to fashion yourself however you want is… wait for it, fashion yourself however you want. That might sound counter-intuitive but it’s a self-feeding loop. Support your beliefs and make your statement, from lip rings to bindis to marine corps hats. Start wearing your identity and you’ll become more comfortable in it. The more comfortable, the less you’ll care about others opinions.


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What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is a key to being free to do what you want in life. We’re so full of anxieties and unresolved questions that seem to never go away. You need to be able to cut right past them and be confident enough to be yourself despite your worries, not instead of them. Taking care of yourself is key to your self-confidence, too.


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Be aware

We all have a rippling effect on the world around us and our fashion is just a part of that. Be aware of the effects your choices have. Fashion is just another part of the trends that make up the zeitgeist and they do say things about us. Know the kind of impact that fashion has on society. That can give you the confidence to know that your beliefs and choices might have their own positive impacts.


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Cut the negative

A lot of our self-depreciation comes from little inside voices. We are always our harshest critic. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our real living and breathing critics. Some of them even disguise themselves are our friends. There’s nothing more harmful to your own growth and self-belief than a toxic friend. A friend who wants to drag you down. Break free of toxic relationships if you want to make that inside voice a little quieter, too.


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Take time for the positive

Those little voices can cut in with all kinds of intrusive thoughts. So how do you shut them out? Getting rid of those negative people is one step. Surrounding yourself with positive people is the next. You need to do things and be with people that make you smile. Most importantly, you need to do the same with your thoughts. Even if it feels false at first, start rephrasing your thoughts after you think them to be more positive. Real self-confidence will follow if you keep it up.

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