Men’s Guide to Chinos: How to Wear Them

If you thought style and fashion are all about women, you are wrong. Men are equally fashion conscious and love to make style statements. And for this it is important to make the right choice of garments. Usually it is seen that for formal occasions and official purposes, men adorn formal trousers with shirts or wear a complete suit, or team a blazer with a formal shirt and trouser. For casual occasions jeans and t-shirts are the most popular choice. Many men also wear semi-formal shirts and summer jackets with jeans. Apart from these options, there is another dress that is gaining popularity with men and that is of chinos. Men’s chinos are becoming a hot favorite.


Chinos – choosing one with perfect fit

Initially when chinos were launched they seem to a baggier version of trousers with front darts. It is quite obvious that any fashion conscious guy would definitely steer clear from this kind of attire. But chinos evolved with time and today it has become one of the best attires for men. The style has changed a bit and has become a favorite with fashionistas. The best thing about chinos is that it can be worn as formal wear as well as casual wear.

Fitting is one of the most important things that you must check for chinos. Ensure that there is no bagginess in any part of the chino – not around the hips, in the high area as well as towards the butts. Choose chinos as per the leg shape you prefer. If skinny fit is your choice, choose chinos in that style. Other than this, bootleg fits as well as straight leg fits are the available options.


Making formal dressing interesting with chinos

When it comes to formal dressing, men usually prefer to settle for brands. It is interesting to see that branded chinos for men are also available. If you think that wearing chinos on daily basis to office will become boring, you can try some interesting options. Team chinos with right kinds of shirts, blazers etc to turn heads round. The perfect combination for the formal wear will be fitted shirt preferably in cotton (it can be of same color or with stripes), a tie, a blazer/coat and leather shoes. Do not forget to wear a stainless steel band watch with the dress for complete look. If you are not very comfortable with the tie, you can do away with it. Beige or tan color chinos are the most popular colors that people choose. With this, white or dark navy blue shirt works best. Ensure that the belt and the shoes complement the attire.


Casual wear with chinos – grab the attention

After the hectic week, it is time for the weekend – the time to relax and unwind, the time to meet friends, party, go for movies and give time to family. Casual dressing with chinos can make you look smart as well as stylish. The combination of a t-shirt or chambray shirt with chinos works just fine. Long sleeve t-shirts (preferably rolled up) look really nice with chinos. Adorn a stylish watch with a large dial and complete the dress with nice pair of sneakers or colored converse. In winters, team chinos with polos, hoodies, pullovers or cardigans.

Khaki, grey and brown are the most preferred colors for chinos. In summers, chinos and t-shirts are extremely comfortable, while in winters the combination of pullovers, hoodies etc with chinos work best. Blazers and coats can always be worn with chinos.

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