New Years’ resolutions with Henrik Vibskov

Here’s a resolution I can(maybe) actually keep: I’ve decided to go someplace artistic every Sunday morning.

That being said, last week I went to see the Henrik Vibskov exhibition at Daerim Art Gallery here in Seoul. To be honest, at first, I didn’t know who Henrik Vibskov was but upon doing my research I couldn’t help but get sucked into his artistic world of utter bizarreness and somehow pleasant mental chaos.


He’s a Danish fashion designer and musician. I thought it’d help to watch a few videos before leaving to get to Daerim art gallery, so I found some clips on Youtube and ended up watching THIS. It’s called ‘The Sticky Brick Fingers’ and I honestly have no idea what it’s supposed to mean but damn it’s fascinating.


Me, loving the mint-colored question mark



Henrik used a lot of inflatables to express his themes. This one is definitely my favorite. It was called the Mint something but I don’t remember.



The mint something exhibition consists of a dark room covered in strange mint-colored inflatables and a digital screen. The color scheme was mesmerizing and I remember thinking ‘we should have more performances like this in Korea’.

Nudity is art…(?)



I find that most museum shops are full of rip-offs but the Henrik Vibskov souvenir shop wasn’t. My friend Wendy and I both got files, “Everyone needs files,” I said.


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