I’m angry because of what a man I thought was intellectually respectable said about a certain rape case at dinner today.

We were watching the news when a story about a rape case involving a government official and an unidentified woman. The official raped her in a hotel room, I think it was, and put 300,000 won(Korean money) into her purse. She fortunately escaped the room and later, outside, found the 300,000 won inside her purse. I was watching this thinking, ‘In what kind of a sick reality does a government official commit rape? I’m f***ing tired of hearing about disgusting men raping and molesting women on the news; that’s what the last 4 stories were about!!’. And then, out of nowhere, the man sitting across the table from me says, “The woman is weird too. She should have given the 300,000 won back.”


I just sat there staring at my food like…‘What did I just hear?’

Being a decent, educated human being, I obviously instantly objected to this ridiculous statement, saying, “She just got raped. You can’t say that she should go back into the room (where her RAPIST who JUST RAPED HER is lurking around, excuse me!) to give him back his money!!”

He fell quiet after arguing with me for a bit and I was scared to ‘make a fuss’, but honestly I should’ve gotten an apology or something out of the situation. It’s EXACTLY that type of thinking that leads to criminalizing victims of rape. If you just escaped someone trying to severely hurt you(physically AND mentally), you would RUN FOR YOUR DEAR LIFE, not think about the money the rapist left in your purse. You would feel like your entire world is being torn apart, you would feel more helpless than ever, weak, used, devastated, and a whole mix of despair and desperation that even I can’t imagine. And in that situation, you expect a woman to walk straight back into the lair of the devil?? Outrageous.

On the same note, I’m also disgusted at the way some people blame women for being ‘provocative’ or dressing ‘inappropriately’ when they’re raped. If someone is raped, I really don’t know what you should ask her/him in that deeply traumatizing, insanely hurtful situation, but it definitely should not be ‘What were you wearing?’. #ridiculousschooldresscodes #ridiculousenforcementofschooldresscodes #stopblamingvictims

And another important issue on the same note- the whole Korea-Japan sexual slavery issue- is what my next post (or post after next) will be about. Too many things to address.

Good night guys.

image creds: http://ashadeofpen.com/tag/poem/page/20/

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