The royal family-approved shoemakers, Crockett and Jones!

Iris Apfel once said, ‘If your hair is done properly and you’re wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything.’


Lowndes, Dark Brown Calf, by Crockett and Jones, as seen on British GQ February 2014

Though it’s (obviously) a stretch, a neat appearance is extremely important. That’s why we have dress codes(although, these days so many dress codes are just crossing the damn line) and get all posh-ed up for job interviews or meetings. Basically, inevitably we do dress to impress -and I say Iris Apfel was right about the importance of wearing good shoes. Although they unfortunately won’t let you get away with anything, with a pair of good shoes you might just get that girl/guy from your class that you’ve been meaning to ask out and have been dressing properly for, or that job that that annoying girl/guy (aka your rival) from your team has also applied for, or just your co-workers’ approval(don’t deny you want it). Whatever it may be, a pair of fabulous shoes can only bring good into your life because shoes are the ultimate style item to wrap up your overall look. Which is why you need to get good shoes-the best of the best! The ‘royal family and James Bond and GQ-approved’ ones! Well, don’t worry- I’ve got you covered. ; )


(James Bond wearing Crockett and Jones’ Black Calf shoes,

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia Pictures)

I thought that today I’d bring you guys some amazing handmade shoes, from the well-known traditional British footwear brand, Crockett and Jones. (Well I mean I’m still only a student myself so as much as I’d love to buy you all shoes, I can’t… but you can order them online HERE). They’ve been featured on major magazines like GQ and Esquire multiple times, they’ve got a long, award winning (one of them being the Queen’s Award!) tradition and luxury stores in not only England but also the US, Paris, and Belgium, and they’re loved by fashionistas all over the world-including the royal family and, apparently, James Bond in the SKYFALL movie(see photo above)!



“Founded in 1879 in Northampton, at the heart of England’s most famous shoemaking town, Crockett & Jones specialise in the manufacture of high quality Goodyear-welted footwear. For men there are 3 ranges produced by Crockett & Jones: Hand Grade, Main Line and Shell Cordovan. For women, we also have a new collection of low-heeled shoes and boots.

As a 5th generation family managed business, Crockett & Jones is committed to maintaining the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship, quality and service which have been appreciated by their customers for more than 135 years.”


Approved by the Prince of Wales himself! : D

Honestly, I’ve never seen more traditionally preppy shoes that manage to be so unique and tasteful at the same time. Usually formal shoes look like they were selectively picked out from the most dreary funerals of the darkest of the darkest of times in the history of Europe or something, but the men’s and ladies’ collections from Crockett and Jones are both incredible (and even my crazy modern mind loves them).

Me being me, I couldn’t resist picking out a few favorites to show you guys.

1 (1)


Angel, from the Crockett and Jones’ ladies’ collection.

I personally adore the fuschia.

1 (6)

Cranford 3, Black Calf, from the Crockett and Jones’ men’s collection.

1 (3)

Alexis from the Crockett and Jones ladies’ collection.

I love the design and the color, and these remind me of Alice in Wonderland.

1 (5)

Aintree 2, from the Crockett and Jones men’s collection.

1 (7)

Butterfly, from the Crockett and Jones ladies’ collection.

1 (4)

Union Jack, from the Crockett and Jones men’s collection.

Okay, I know this is from the men’s collection but fudge that I am getting these.

Now come on. They’re adorable! If you didn’t like what I picked out here, no worries-this is only the beginning. They have a huge range of shoes you can choose from, made of different high-quality materials and of varying styles and colors, and they’re ALL super durable, so you won’t be needing new shoes again after these!

You can check them out here: MEN’S COLLECTION  ㅣ  LADIES’ COLLECTION

Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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