Letter to my readers & Summer plans

Dear readers,

Ironically, now that finals are over, I’m going to think more.

I feel like my mind has been confined in a rectangular box for the past 2~3 weeks, since during exam period even reading about people’s views on women’s self-identity and introspection and thinking about feminism is considered a “waste of time”(when I personally think it’s one of the most meaningful things I did this exam period). I mean, I do support and believe in education but I just wish it would involve more independent thinking and individual creativity rather than solely depending on memorization skills.

Well anyways, I’m back! : D It’s summer and I’ve got more time to talk to you guys-my awesome readers whom I love ❤ Honestly, you guys are the best, most insightful readers I could ever wish for. I’m sorry if I sometimes take too long to reply to comments-I’ll try to be faster… And hey if you wanna leave feedback or just talk about anything send me an email: konnikim@gmail.com


(attempting and failing to build sandcastles at the beach last summer with friends! can’t wait to go again.)

Although my favorite season is without doubt winter(snow! hot chocolate! boots!), I have to admit that summer is one crazy, crazy season. This summer I’m hoping to do lots of things. I’ve got so many ideas in my head right now so let me just write them out.


(I miss my furry winter boots : (  )

1. Blog, blog, blog.

No one will ever be able to tear me away from my old laptop! (Arrg the ‘d’ key is missing because I was stressed and pulled it out and threw it across the room in a storm of rage two weeks ago… couldn’t find it : (  )


2. Think!

I know I mentioned above that I’m gonna think more. Specifically I mean that I’m going to try to reduce the amount of time I spend just routinely doing things. I want to question anything and everything and try to read more and analyze more.


3. Go on a diet  Nahh not happenin’. Can’t live without my crisps and Nesquik.


(How to be my friend: give me Nesquik.)


3. Study more



4. Buy merchandise!!

Wishlist: Harry Potter wand(yes, I’m 17 years old), Harry Potter shirt, Nirvana shirt, My Chemical Romance shirt.


(okay #shutupandtakemymoney)


5. Come up with more effective argumentation to use against ignorant people that oppose gay marriage/any other type of equality.

Sexists, racists, and basically any other group of biased organisms of the human species included.


6. Do something crazy with someone I love.

Because isn’t that what summer is all about??


7. Learn to forget the haters!

Seriously girl, you go up to my best friend and whisper in her ear just to tell her you think I’m ugly? That ain’t make you any prettier (or cooler, for that matter).



8. Fangirl over Benedict Cumberbatch…

…and how unbelievably sexy he is in Sherlock.


(isn’t this GIF cute? I think it’s adorable.)


9. Stop unfairly judging people.

Okay, okay this kind of contradicts #7, but come to think of it now I too unconsciously judge people. So let’s all try not to judge each other(myself included).


10. Improve my Spanish.

Yeah, sure, Spanish movies are super fun and artistic. It’s just that I can’t understand what they’re saying. Is someone dead? Are they going to dinner now..ohh they weren’t whispering love poems in each other’s ears they were arguing over a divorce. okay.


I can’t think of any more right now but I’ll add more to the list if I come up with anything. What are YOUR plans this summer?

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  1. Because summer is half over, I should stop sitting around looking at pictures of Jules Day all day. This summer, I’d like to run a 5k, play disc golf in the rain, and eat barbecue ribs. With Jules Day.

      1. She’s got such an amazing voice and is kind of dreamy, really. I want to play in the rain because usually no one else is on the course, and it’s a challenge. It also feels like quality time in nature. As long as there’s no lightning.

      2. Cool! Hope you have a great time playing disc golf! Sadly, the only exercise I ever get is the occasional jog around my apartment complex every 2 weeks or so, haha.

  2. I love your opening lines
    Where you say ironically now that exams are over I can think. A few words to say a lot.
    I originally came to say thank you for reading my work so I want to say that now; thank you, before I get lost in the things you say and forget the reason I originally stopped by.

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