Interview with YouTube star Motoki Maxted

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Here I am with another wonderful interview post. This time I got the chance to talk to the YouTube star Motoki Maxted. I’m a huge fan of his channel, and I bet a lot of you guys are too (or will be in the very near future). Motoki is seventeen (the same age as me) but it’s quite hard to believe because he’s so much more mature and self-actualized than I am.

(Konni: K, Motoki: M)

K: Why did you start making YouTube videos?

M: I watched Ryan Higa’s (nigahiga) videos for a couple of years and thought he was one of the coolest people ever. After finding him, I watched others like Kevin Wu (KevJumba) and Mitchell Davis (livelavalive) and loved everything about what they did. I’ve always been interested in anything TV/Film related so I tried out what they did in hopes that I could put a smile on anyone’s face that watched one.


(image above: Nigahiga!)

K: When I first started my blog, people were making fun of it and telling me it was useless(Now they’re all super supportive!). Motoki, how did your family/friends react to your videos at first? Was everyone supportive?

M: My friends have always been pretty low-key supportive. Someone will once in awhile tell me they liked the latest video or ask when the new one coming out. My parents on the other side have never been that supportive. They don’t fully understand how it all works and always tell me to do other things instead. It kinda sucks cause it’s hard to explain to them how important it all is and how successful I am at it.

K:  How do you feel about being exposed(in terms of personal information/your face being known) online?

M: It’s pretty awesome, I’m not too much of an attention seeker but when it comes by itself, makes me feel cooler than I probably am haha.


K:  What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever told you? : )

M: I don’t really get too many weird comments, some that stick out usually just talk about my eyebrows or lips in detail.

K: Have you ever been to South Korea? What’s your impression of Korea and why?

M: Sadly no. From what I’ve seen of South Korea, it’s hella hip and I would love to visit sometime. I used to watch some Korean shows and listen to Kpop so I already like a lot of things about Korean culture.

K: What do you think of the current fashion industry?

M: I’m really digging the way a lot of stores have started to make the transition into simplistic designs and that kinda resemble older styles.

K: Are you fashionable?

M: I try to be whenever I’m not too lazy to look good. Stores like H&M and Forever 21 are my favorite places to hit up.

maxresdefault (1)

K: If you had to choose between having a job you’re passionate about but being totally broke and having a well-paying job and being a billionaire, what would your choice be?

M: I’d be a billionaire, save up, quit, then I could do the things I’m passionate about.

K: What are you scared of?

M: Rapists

K: What makes you cry?

M: Kim Jung Un.

K: If you weren’t born into the environment you’re in now, and you were born in a random place somewhere on this planet, what do you think you would have grown up to be by now?

M: Probably not, everything in my life led up to where I am now I’m am glad it did.


Reader-submitted Question: What kind of women are you attracted to?

M: The ones that breath.

Reader-submitted Question: Are you a virgin?

M: Yup, I try to stay away from relationships ’cause they take up time I could be spending online lol.

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Here’s a big Thank You to Motoki for doing the interview. : ) Click here to check out his Facebook page.

Have an amazing day filled with happiness.


6 thoughts on “Interview with YouTube star Motoki Maxted

  1. how did you interview him??? met him in person or online? sooooo jealous lol x)) – fyi i’m korean too! nice to meet you.

    1. Hi! I had to interview him via email because I’m currently in Seoul and he’s probably in the US. You’re a fan too? : D
      Wow, I rarely meet other Koreans through my blog! Are you living abroad?

      1. Oh noo unfortunately. I’m living in Suwon. 🙂 I AM a huge fan of him and I searched his name on Naver and found your blog. haha I wrote that in English because I’m not sure if you could speak korean. I’m 2 years older than you! Tho let’s be friends. 🙂

      2. Cool! Oh I can speak Korean : ) You can speak in Korean if you’re more comfortable with that.
        Sure, let’s be friends! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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