Still into you

Hi readers,

I’m still into a lot of people that I should have moved on from. I’m also still into TV series that have already ended, like Gossip Girl or Hannah Montana. I’m still into a lot of other things, like my childhood back in London, and my mum reading me bedtime stories at night. I find it extremely hard to get over things that once meant a lot to me, whether it’s an old notebook or my ex-best friend.

Maybe that’s why these days I am loving Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’. Parts of the lyrics describe my emotions perfectly and the music video is just like eating bananas dipped in chocolate fondue with crumpets in the winter.

Click here to watch the music video.


(image above: from the ‘Still Into You’ music video by Paramore)

Now, I don’t really believe in “true love” and all that pink fluffy stuff, but I do know how it feels to still get butterflies in your stomach every time you see someone, even after years have past. Especially if that someone has moved on but you haven’t, it just sucks(speakin’ from experience). But the thing about Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’ is that it’s not all soppy and whiny like your typical i-still-love-you love song. It’s very quirky, cute, fun, colorful, and upbeat. Which is actually what I love so much about it. It makes the heartbreak more bearable and light. It makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter around even more crazily. Hayley Williams(the girl from Paramore-see photo above) radiates brightness and energy in every way possible, in every aspect of design possible, in the music video.


The first thing I noticed in the music video was Hayley Williams’ outfit. She’s totally rocking the ‘quirky cute girl’ look, with her pastel tones and stunning yellow (is that paint?) tights. She definitely doesn’t look like a fragile little drama queen going on and on about how much she still loves this guy(we all have that one friend…grr). She actually looks like she’s having lots of fun. I personally really love this outfit because it makes Hayley seem young and vibrant. It reminds me of young, fun love, and it definitely makes the whole love theme seem more light-hearted, which I think is great. I love to think of ‘love’ in a lighthearted, oh-well-who-cares manner because for me it’s one of those things in life that you can’t just achieve by trying hard. I’m not usually a fate-dependent person(I despise fortune-telling), but when it comes to peoples’ emotions for each other, I am just clueless and try to just go with the flow.


Her hair is half orange and half pink, and she has unusually short bangs. I would never in a million years be able to pull off this hairstyle, but Hayley is awesome and her hair adds to the colorful quirky atmosphere of the music video. It also matches the color scheme of her outfit, which makes each and every moment of the video more visually appealing.

9090Another thing I must say about her fashion in this music video is how it’s consistent throughout the whole video. Sometimes it really is a turn-off when there’s no consistency in a music video(or when there’s TOO much consistency), but in this one Hayley wears only one outfit yet it doesn’t bore viewers at all. Since the background keeps changing, we can enjoy a various range of scenes yet keep track of Hayley and see how her outfit blends so well with each background.


As you can see(image above), even when Hayley is just sitting on a bed, her outfit and the background of the scene are in perfect harmony, like they would be in a Vogue magazine fashion shoot. The pillows consist of pastel colors just like her outfit, and the intricate patterns on the duvet and bed headboard, and the candles(and…are those fake cakes on the table?..random..) create a youthful, warm atmosphere.



Aaand that’s all for today, guys! I hope you enjoyed this post, and don’t forget to comment, like, and follow (to comment or like, just click the title of this post, then scroll down. You’ll see the Comment box and Like button at the end of the post.) It really makes my day when readers leave comments(of any sort) so don’t be shy!

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6 thoughts on “Still into you

  1. I love this song as well! Also love Hayley’s sense of style. And I hear you on getting too emotionally attached to any/everything that I should be done with. I had a hard time parting with a flipping pencil last week because it was pink, sparkly and was just plain fabulous. Oh the woes!

    • Cool! Awww, pink sparky things are always hard to part with! Haha. it’s nice to have someone who understands : D Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my posts!

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