Interview with Youtube star MaxNoSleeves(Max Weisz)!

Hey readers! : )

Guess what? I got the chance to interview one of my favorite YouTube stars, Max Weisz! A lot of you probably know him as ‘MaxNoSleeves’, which is the name of his widely popular YouTube channel. With more than 500,000 subscribers, his channel is one of the biggest ones out there-and possibly the funniest! Be sure to check it out after reading this interview. (Click here to go to his amazing YouTube channel. Also, his Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook pages are all full of fun). 


Here goes! (K: Konni, M: Max)

K: Hi Max! Tell us about your YouTube channel and your videos. Why did you start making videos?

M: My YouTube channel is called MaxNoSleeves, because I never wear sleeves, although I started wearing no sleeves long before I started making videos. I make funny silly videos, things that make me laugh.  I started because it’s so much f**king fun.


(a GIF from Max’s videos! : D )

K: Give us a dose of your daily life as a YouTube star. What’s your everyday routine like? Are you always busy and sleep-deprived, or do you tend to just lay back and take it easy?

M: It’s hard because you’re completely on your own; so if you want something done, it’s on you.  I do have an enormous range of freedom in my daily life and I appreciate that greatly, so I go through spurts of extreme productivity and total freedom. That being said, I post a video EVERY Tuesday, so I have to stay somewhat on track.  In a perfect world, I start thinking about my video Sunday evening, write/film/edit on Monday, make finishing touches Tuesday morning, and post. I have a running list of video ideas I want to do, but I usually go with whatever I’m feeling excited about that week. Aaaand if we’re being honest I’m on schedule probably 20% of the time. The rest of the week I get to do a bunch of cool stuff though, I’m pretty lucky.


K: Are you fashionable?

M: Extremely. But I’m going to go with my own definition of fashionable.


K: Why do you cut the sleeves off all your shirts? Was it your idea to do so?

M: I started because I was playing a lot of Beer Pong and the sleeve was restricting my shot.  Then I started doing it all the time because I was just more comfortable in my own skin.

(K:   : D  )


K: Is fashion an important contributing factor in being a successful YouTube star?

M: I think a person’s personal style is a very cool way for them to distinguish themselves and be an individual.  I used to have an office job, and as funny as it sounds, it was a big moment for me to ditch the business attire (I wore the same thing everyone else wore) and start wearing whatever I wanted.  In my opinion, fashion should be personal; a reflection of self.  Haha I feel like I’m getting way too deep here – I just like wearing sleeveless tshirts.




K: What’s the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you?

M: I did a video called “Take Moments,” which was about taking a second to center yourself when you felt like your life was spinning a little out of control.  Probably one of my only serious videos, but I was dealing with some family issues and I just had to get the idea out of my head.  I didn’t think it would really go anywhere, but I got an enormously positive reaction to that video from people saying it helped them in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  It was awesome.

(Click HERE to watch Max’s video “Take Moments”- I’ve watched it and I can guarantee that it will make you feel better on a rainy day when things just aren’t going well.)


K: In contrast, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard?

M: Haha, well it is the Internet, so people can be very mean, but I try not to let those things bother me.  I remember someone once wrote, “I’ve watched every one of your videos, and they all suck,” which at first felt was really mean, but the more I thought about it, I really appreciated that the dude watched all my videos.  There was another dude who would routinely comment the meanest s**t I’ve ever heard on every video I put up. Week after week this guy would top his last comment in terms of venom and malice… and then one week he was gone! And to tell you the truth I was really worried about him.  Was he ok? Was he having health problems?  But he’s back now, so it’s all good.

(K: Wow, that’s the best response to hate comments that I’ve ever seen. Respect.)


K: What do you think of the current fashion industry?

M: Most of my knowledge of the fashion industry is shaped off of Zoolander.  Is Mugatu still doing the Derelicte campaign?


K: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

M: Oh jeez… I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff. When I was in high school I moved to Kunming, China for 2 months, alone.  I didn’t speak a word of Chinese, but I had some family there and I figured it out.  That was pretty crazy.


K: Many of us would LOVE to be YouTube-famous, but tell us, what’s the downside of being a YouTube star?

M: I mean, your life is definitely out there for the Internet to see, but to be honest, it’s pretty much the best job ever. There’s always something to complain about if you’re looking to complain – I just try to appreciate what’s going on.


K: I dare you to make a Wrecking Ball parody video.

M: Haha… I dunno I’ll throw it on the list.


Annnd that’s a wrap!

I had so, so much fun talking to Max and getting to know him, and I hope you guys did too! He’s a really fun guy and an amazing, warmhearted person, too. I’m a huge fan of his videos, so, Max-if you’re reading this, please keep making videos : ) Your hilarious videos make so many people(including me!) smile when they’re feeling down. Thanks for making this world a brighter place.

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