How love is portrayed in clothes

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For some of us, including myself, our clothes ARE our love lives(Yeah, that pretty much sums up MY love life…Who’s with me?!). However, there are also those who have more fortunate love lives, those that have a significant other to whisper goodnight to every night, that wish to express the butterflies in their stomach through the clothes that they wear. In this post I’m going to talk about how designers portray the theme of ‘love’ in their clothing designs, and then I’m gonna show you some of the best romantic outfits I’ve spotted here and there, since it was recently Valentine’s day and all!

Every fashion folk knows that ‘Valentino’ is fashion-speak for ‘romantic’. Valentino Garavani is a world-famous Italian fashion designer and his Valentino dresses are romantic enough to charm any man or woman.


(image above: Chloe Sevigny wearing a Valentino dress at the Golden Globes, 2010.)



(image above: Katy Perry wearing a Valentino Couture dress at the Grammy Awards, 2014.)

As you can see from the photos above, the popular Valentino dresses can really make a woman look beautiful and lovable. Although we’re so used to seeing Katy Perry in her wacky bubblegum outfits and colorful accessories, she managed to make us completely forget her funky side and focus on how goddess-like she looks in her elegant, relatively mature dress.

Valentino is famous for portraying the theme of ‘love’ in his dresses by incorporating long, flowy designs and light, sheer fabrics. The silhouettes aren’t big and bold, they’re curvy and layered. His dresses have a romantic, glowing presence-like a subtle excitement-and isn’t that what love is all about?



(image above: from the blog The photo was included in a post about romantic clothing.)

I found the photo above on a blog called ‘Fit and Sexy Lifestyle’. On a post the blogger uploaded about romantic clothing, she posted the photo above and mentioned lovely lace shorts and embellished ruffled tops. Lace designs, ruffles, frills, pink, fluffy textures… These are all things that represent ‘romantic love’ in clothes. This makes me wonder-why do we associate these traits with ‘love’? Can’t love also be hideous and black? Can’t it also be simple and plain, or quirky and weird?


(image above: from Weheartit)

The answer is, it can, but when we think of ‘love’, most of us want to remember that soft, cotton-candy(that’s candyfloss in the UK), sweet feeling-kind of like how it felt to be in love with your high school sweetheart. Most people regard that tickly feeling as the best part of being in love, and loving someone. That’s why designers try to express ‘love’ with soft, gentle textures, curved lines, and sweet colors like baby pink or lavender.

But of course, sometimes we want to show how love can be dangerous and fun. How it can make us feel jumpy and weird inside. How it can be ironic. That’s when the printed tees/dresses from online clothing stores come in.


(image above: Boyfriend T-Shirt with Gothic Love Print from ASOS)


(image above: Faux Leather and ‘LOVE’ Print dress from


(image above: Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMAs, 2011.)

Heck, you could even decide to express ‘love’ by dressing like Nicki Minaj in the photo above. I know I’ve done a lot of rambling, but the conclusion is that love is a wonderful emotion that can be expressed in many ways through clothes. Although ‘romantic clothing’ mainly consists of pink frills and long flowy dresses, it can also be portrayed through studs and spikes and colorful leather. Just like how ‘love’ has a different meaning for everyone, everyone chooses to express it in a different, unique way.

If you have an outfit that you think portrays ‘love’, send me a tweet (@KonniKimDesigns), and I’ll feature your look on Konni Kim Designs(if you want me to, that is.)!

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Love you guys always! ❤

Image Credits (Whew! THAT was a lot of researching.):

Chloe Sevigny’s Valentino Dress For Golden Globes 2010


  1. Nicki Menaj – wow, not many people could pull off that look. I’m not sure she did either! I’ve been making an effort with my new man, nice dresses and makeup etc. What bugs the crap out of me is when he tells me I look more beautiful the next day when I’m lounging around in my tracksuit with bed hair 🙂 Thanks for following my blog! Linda.

    1. I guess he loves you just the way you are-your natural beauty! Think of it as a good thing. : ) Thanks for stopping by here, I hope you enjoyed reading my posts. Have an amazing day with your partner!

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