My best fashion moments! <3

Hey readers!

Today I’m going to show you some of my personal favorite fashion moments! I don’t usually take loads of photos, but I’ve rummaged through my photo album, and found some pretty memorable fashionista moments that I managed to preserve. So take a look through the history of my fashion evolution, and have a good laugh at how weird I look in the pics! XD (but don’t copy/save the photos -just look please! : )

#1. So to start off, here’s my ultimate favorite youngster fashion moment-HA! fashion-forward since 2003!


Whoah. How about THAT. There are flowers everywhere, even on my headband! In this pic I’m wearing baby blue flower print trousers and a vintage embroidered flowy shirt, complemented with a cute necklace. Notice my zig-zagged rainbow colored hair! So… if you have a kid, maybe you should try out this look?-and you’ll be able to blackmail your kid when they become a teenager with a photo of them like this. (Believe me, I’m cringing as I’m writing this. But whatever makes my readers happy makes me happy : )

#2. This photo is much more recent.


This was July 2013, I believe. I’m wearing unique brown gladiator sandals with heels, my favorite Aztec patterned simple t-shirt, and my DIY jean shorts! I say DIY because those shorts were actually long jeans-that is, until I got a pair of scissors and cut them to turn them into vintage shorts. I had to be careful to sew the hemline after cutting the jeans because otherwise the string would keep unraveling and eventually the whole thing would come apart.

#3. The third fashion moment is a photo of me at Korea Style Week!


Yes, those are the same gladiator sandals! This time I’ve matched them with a flowy non-sleeved top and skirt-pants. It looks like a dress, but NO, those are two separate garments. : O I love the blend of how the clothes look classy and a teenie-weenie bit bohemian, and how the shoes complement the outfit really well. The shoes tone down the classiness a notch and create a more laid back, casual outfit that still looks stylish, in my opinion.

#4. And now I’m a country girl!


I’m all set to be a country girl with my flowery shorts, brown Bambi shirt, blue straw hat, and UNICEF canvas bag. All the colors are very nature-friendly, and the texture of the garments are all on the soft side. It’s ironic that I’m trying to be a country gal in the middle of a gigantic Seoul fashion mall though.

#5. This time I am surrounded by nature!


As you can see, the cherry blossoms are lookin’ amazing! This was last spring, and I was out with my friends having fun after midterms. I’m wearing a Teenie Weenie yellow teddy bear shirt, and I’m wearing a plain white t-shirt inside it, to create a layered look. I’m also wearing my bright red skinny-fit trousers and have my blue Uniqlo cardigan around my waist-I love how all the colors clash but look stunning together. It’s all so bright and sunny, so to not overdo it, I put on some simple black canvas shoes. Lovin’ my heart-shaped sunglasses! : D

#6. Again, surrounded my mother-nature!


It’s not often that you spot a wild Konni walking in the mountains, so this pic is really rare. I’m wearing my favorite oversized knit sweater and some soft winter shorts and black stockings, and of course, ma’ boots! Boots are an Autumn/Winter ESSENTIAL for me. I LOVE BOOTS! I like my hair in this pic-the black fluffy hair tie kinda stands out for some reason. And I’ve got some random white headphones that are rectangular.

#7. *Sound effects* Dun dun DUN! It’s me in NYC, the city of my dreams!


I’m sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, pretending to be Serena in Gossip Girl(and miserably failing, yes, I know)! I still remember exactly how it felt to actually be in NY for the first time, and go to the places that I had only seen so many times in my favorite TV series. So since I was probably not gonna be able to go visit NY again for a long time, I thought “Why not channel Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl?” and I did-I tried to go for a laid-back yet slightly sophisticated combination, with my y-shirt and black satin skirt(which you can’t see because I’m covering it with my jacket), and my black ballet flats with small buckles on them. I have an amazing brown leather jacket that completes the look and makes it look much more cooler. Without the leather jacket I would have just looked like a weird businesswoman sitting on the steps alone at lunch break.

Aaand, that’s a wrap! Thanks for staying ❤

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