Interview with actress Heather Shisler

Hey readers : )

Remember when I told you that I’d be interviewing Heather Shisler and you guys all sat in front of your pc screens with sweaty palms, just waiting for that very post?? Well, if you were one of them, you’re in the right place! I got a reply from Heather a few hours ago and trust me-YOU WANT TO READ THIS INTERVIEW-she’s funny, charming, and, not to mention, incredibly beautiful(as you can see). She has a website, too:  so you can send her fan mail after reading this interview : D

(FYI: Heather has appeared on a number of movies and TV series. For example: Taught to Hate (2009), Something About Ryan (2009) and How to Rock a First Date (2010), and the TV series Gossip Girl.)


Here goes! (K: Konni, H: Heather)

K: What’s a typical day like for you?
H: Busy! Every day is different when you are an actor, which I love, so maybe its best to tell you what goes on in a week. I am a student at The Actors Studio Drama school, so when I’m not in class I have plenty of actor homework and rehearsals, this week I went to a couple of auditions, I don’t sleep much. I work hard and play hard. I also take time to get inspired. This week, for example, I found inspiration when I went to see a performance of a new musical at The York Theatre Company. I got to observe the work of other actors at the legendary Actors Studio and attended a taping of Inside The Actors Studio with Amy Adams… talk about inspiring! I started rehearsing a new play this week, somehow I still found time to hang out with friends. I’m extremely social, I think I just love people.

K: How did you become an actress? Tell us how it all began.
H: I was very musical as a kid. I played piano and violin, but when I joined the school choir and my friends realized I was a good singer they dragged me to audition for the school musical. I was exposed to a ton of theater growing up so it was thrilling to actually get up on that stage. I found something I was really good at and I was hooked! I’ve been pursuing acting ever since.

K: Out of all the roles you’ve ever played, which one was your favorite so far? Why?
H: Picking one is impossible, I’d say any role that speaks to me/ touches my heart. I think that personalization is what gives you a chance to reach for that magic that I always hope for in any production I do.

K: What was it like to be on Gossip Girl? What was it like to work with the cast?
H: Well I got to go to mecca that is the Gossip Girl wardrobe and try on clothes so that was pretty much the best. I was only on the episode briefly, but we got to shoot in Central Park which is beautiful so I had a lot of fun. The guest star in that episode came and introduced himself right away and was really generous and lovely. I guess the thing about Gossip Girl that surprised me is the amount of paparazzi lurking around set. It always cracked me up because they would see me and start to frantically take pictures until they realized I was just this random blonde girl and not one of the many blonde stars of that show.


(image above: Heather Shisler in Gossip Girl.)

K: Do you usually watch the movies/series that you appear in?
H: I do. I know a lot of actors don’t like to watch themselves on camera. It’s awkward, like when you hear a recording of your own voice and think, ‘Do I really sound like that?!’ but I just suck it up and watch anyway! I’m always trying to figure out how to do my best work, and I want to know what kind of performance I’m delivering.

K: If you could have any part from any movie/TV series, who would you want to be?
H: Oh wow, I would love to play one of the girls on Downton Abby or do something like House of Cards. I love how well characters are developed on these series, especially given a couple of seasons. Period TV shows like Downton, The Tudors or Mad Men really impress me, the way they create that entire world for an hour every week.


(image above: Heather in a theater performance.)

K: What did you think of Konni Kim Designs? : D
H: I have to say I had a lot of fun on your blog and reading about your fashion inspirations. I was reading it the first time while I was getting my hair done (the time I usually spend getting my inspiration from Vogue and Vanity Fair) I love fashion, inspiration and enthusiasm and your blog has all of those things. I got hooked that afternoon.

(K: That’s so cool! Thanks!)

K: How would you describe your personal style? Who is your style icon?
H: I’ve been told I’m a “prep-ster” I’m so classic but I like to incorporate edge. I love a good pair of boots, I wear then almost every day. I’m super feminine, but again, like to have an edge. Here in New York I’ll throw a leather shrug on top of a blush-lace dress, probably wear booties. I march to the beat of my own drummer, I wear what I want when and where I want to wear it. If there is a trend that I don’t like or isn’t flattering to me I sit it out. If I feel great it what I’m wearing, I’m going to walk out into the world and be great. Last weekend I was feeling awesome on my way to a party in a new outfit and I got stopped on the street by a photographer who loved my style and asked to photograph my outfit right there. I was so thrilled, you always see those pictures of stylish people spotted on the streets of New York and stuff, so I got a kick out of that, not to mention a big confidence boost! As far as people’s style I admire, I think Cate Blanchett always looks so beautiful and she takes risks. I think Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City is a fashion icon. Carrie has that feminine edgy wardrobe that I think generations of women envy. Even years later many of the looks have timelessly held up. Patricia Field is a genius and a true artist. I love accessories, maybe even too many, like Rachael Zoe! But whenever an outfit doesn’t work I always follow Coco Chanel’s golden rule and remove one accessory… it always works!

K: Where do you go to shop for clothes? Any outfits you’ve currently got your eye on?
H: Give me some Ralph Lauren any day their Denim and Supply line is great because its youthful and kinder on your wallet. I shop a lot of jCrew but your grandma can still shop there too, so I pick and choose. Maybe throw in something from American Apparel or Urban to spice up something traditional. I think all my jeans are from Guess. I hate shopping for jeans so if I find a pair that fits I buy a a bunch of them, and Guess fits me like a dream.

K: Are you more of a high-fashion, designer clothes girl or a laid-back, wear-whatever-I-find girl?
H: I don’t have the budget for high fashion but I draw inspiration from it. I believe in buying quality clothing. I find a lot of amazing deals in the City, I just wear stuff I like. I always have my eye out for amazing pieces. I believing in only buying something that I feel really adds to my wardrobe. One time I found this great shirt and it was Crew Cuts (jCrew kids) I don’t care, it fits great, and it was half the price of adult clothes. I always find my favorite things when I’m not looking.


(image above: the brand ‘J Crew Kids’!)

K: If you had a super-cute favorite outfit but everyone told you it looked horrible would you continue wearing it or throw it away?
H: Wear it! Maybe wear it even more often!

(K: That was a terrific answer. LOVE the attitude. I should probably say that the next time someone asks me the same question! : D)

K: Do you go to fashion shows?
H: I have gone to a few fashion shows here in the city, New York Fashion week is so thrilling! I actually walked the runway in the Kristi Vosbeck show for fall fashion week, it was such a blast getting to wear clothes from her Spring 2014 collection.

(K: Wow, impressive! It must have been a wonderful experience.)

K: Who, in your opinion, has the WORST fashion style ever?
H: Tilda Swinton looks great in the movies but so sad on the red carpet. Leighton Meester, although a style icon on her own show, also manages to round up some dreadful read carpet ensembles. She’s so pretty though, she could wear mud and be fabulous.


(image above: Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl)

K: What fashion style do you like on a guy? (Preppy, chic, sporty…)
H: I like some preppy, but don’t dress like your dad, guys. I like someone who has a touch of hipster, but who still gets hair cuts sometimes and showers. I’m impressed by a guy who knows how to wear clothes that fit. Weather it’s well fit jeans or a slim suit.

K: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself! : )
H: I’m an actor I have to say I don’t get embarrassed too easily. I usually think stuff is just funny, like one time I thought something my friend said was so funny I peed my pants. No kidding, those jeans were wet! I guess that was embarrassing.

(K: Hahaha  : D)

Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap! Isn’t she lovely? (I know you’re singing it instead of reading it)

I really enjoyed contacting Heather and reading her answers to my questions. Hope you guys did too! I want to hear what you guys thought, so…

don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe! (To like or comment, first click on the title of this post, and then scroll down-you’ll see the Like button and the Comment box at the bottom of the post.)

Here’s a big Thank You to Heather Shisler for participating in this awesome interview and giving fun, creative answers.

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  1. Really Interesting and Great to see you support Actress Carreers! (I’m an actress too)

    You have a new follower from LA!

    1. Hi! : D Thank you! Yes, I’ll keep doing interview posts, so stick around! My next interview post is going to be an interview with the youtube star Max Weisz(MaxNoSleeves).

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