Hey readers! : D (great big smile, because I’m always excited to meet you guys)


I come with stupendous news today! I was just awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by an awesome blogger who runs this blog:

Just Mad Stuff (

It’s a photography blog but this blogger also posts about fashion, food, and other fun topics and I love it! You should really go and give it a visit. She’s an interesting person and she’s also 17-like me! : D

Here’s a very big, affectionate Thank You (internet)hug to the blogger of Just Mad Stuff

internet hug

So  now that I’ve received this wonderful award(Yay!), apparently I’m supposed to pick my own inspirational bloggers and pass on the glory.

Here’s my pick!

#1. Make Something Mondays!

This blogger inspires me because: Her posts are super-unique and I enjoy reading about her DIY crafts. These days she’s posted a lot about Valentine’s Day-this is a sad topic for me because I don’t have a boyfriend : (  but this blogger just makes everything all better by showing us her cute, fun, easy-to-do Valentine’s Day themed ideas! She recently just uploaded a DIY Valentine’s Day themed Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Gift tutorial post, and I actually tried it out at home myself!(and ate it alone while reading a book in my room. #foreveralone *sob*)

#2. Hello Gloua

This blogger inspires me because: She’s one of the most honest bloggers I’ve ever seen, and I know that being honest is hard-especially to strangers. Through her blog, she gives her readers a place in her life, and that’s one of the wonders of blogging. She doesn’t exaggerate or try to act superior-she just gives us a dose of her daily life, and reading her blog is like reading someone’s diary(I know you all love doing that). She’s a fun, sweet person and the story of how she fell in love with her husband really made my heart all warm and fuzzy. : ) (Check out the OUR STORY page on her blog to read the story.)

#3. Sweet and Crumby

This blogger inspires me because: Okay, I admit that I’m not the best cook/baker in the world, but reading this blog makes me want to be! This is a baking blog, which is an area of the blogosphere that’s not really easy to stumble upon unless you’re professionally interested in baking. It’s an area that I’m not too familiar with(being a 17 year old high schooler stuck in a swamp full of school and homework), and that’s why it intrigues me even more! Before coming across this blog, I never knew that baking was so artistic and took so much effort. I salute this blogger’s passion in baking.


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