Still into you

Hi readers,

I’m still into a lot of people that I should have moved on from. I’m also still into TV series that have already ended, like Gossip Girl or Hannah Montana. I’m still into a lot of other things, like my childhood back in London, and my mum reading me bedtime stories at night. I find it extremely hard to get over things that once meant a lot to me, whether it’s an old notebook or my ex-best friend.

Maybe that’s why these days I am loving Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’. Parts of the lyrics describe my emotions perfectly and the music video is just like eating bananas dipped in chocolate fondue with crumpets in the winter.

Click here to watch the music video.


(image above: from the ‘Still Into You’ music video by Paramore)

Now, I don’t really believe in “true love” and all that pink fluffy stuff, but I do know how it feels to still get butterflies in your stomach every time you see someone, even after years have past. Especially if that someone has moved on but you haven’t, it just sucks(speakin’ from experience). But the thing about Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’ is that it’s not all soppy and whiny like your typical i-still-love-you love song. It’s very quirky, cute, fun, colorful, and upbeat. Which is actually what I love so much about it. It makes the heartbreak more bearable and light. It makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter around even more crazily. Hayley Williams(the girl from Paramore-see photo above) radiates brightness and energy in every way possible, in every aspect of design possible, in the music video.


The first thing I noticed in the music video was Hayley Williams’ outfit. She’s totally rocking the ‘quirky cute girl’ look, with her pastel tones and stunning yellow (is that paint?) tights. She definitely doesn’t look like a fragile little drama queen going on and on about how much she still loves this guy(we all have that one friend…grr). She actually looks like she’s having lots of fun. I personally really love this outfit because it makes Hayley seem young and vibrant. It reminds me of young, fun love, and it definitely makes the whole love theme seem more light-hearted, which I think is great. I love to think of ‘love’ in a lighthearted, oh-well-who-cares manner because for me it’s one of those things in life that you can’t just achieve by trying hard. I’m not usually a fate-dependent person(I despise fortune-telling), but when it comes to peoples’ emotions for each other, I am just clueless and try to just go with the flow.


Her hair is half orange and half pink, and she has unusually short bangs. I would never in a million years be able to pull off this hairstyle, but Hayley is awesome and her hair adds to the colorful quirky atmosphere of the music video. It also matches the color scheme of her outfit, which makes each and every moment of the video more visually appealing.

9090Another thing I must say about her fashion in this music video is how it’s consistent throughout the whole video. Sometimes it really is a turn-off when there’s no consistency in a music video(or when there’s TOO much consistency), but in this one Hayley wears only one outfit yet it doesn’t bore viewers at all. Since the background keeps changing, we can enjoy a various range of scenes yet keep track of Hayley and see how her outfit blends so well with each background.


As you can see(image above), even when Hayley is just sitting on a bed, her outfit and the background of the scene are in perfect harmony, like they would be in a Vogue magazine fashion shoot. The pillows consist of pastel colors just like her outfit, and the intricate patterns on the duvet and bed headboard, and the candles(and…are those fake cakes on the table?..random..) create a youthful, warm atmosphere.



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My sister: Aspiring Model! (Fashion Blast #4)

Hey readers!

My sister and I are usually constantly arguing with each other, whether it’s about my sister taking my clothes without my permission or me using her phone to google ‘Tyler Blackburn’ and drool over how hot he is surf the internet without wifi(oops?!). But one thing that always brings us back together and makes us both happy is her modelling for my blog, especially since one of her life goals is to become a model. I love taking photos, and she loves being in them.

Today I’m going to show you guys some photos of my sis that I took over the past few days. She can be super annoying sometimes, but I must admit I have to respect her sense of style.

Look #1. In these photos, she’s wearing a plain white y-shirt, a navy-colored tie, grey skirt-leggings, bright blue socks, and to complete the otherwise boring look, she put on a yellow padded sleeveless jacket. I love how the yellow jacket and blue socks make the outfit look quirky.








Green Converses make anything look better : D


Look #2. This outfit is easy to put together, but makes a statement when worn. My sister is wearing a black t-shirt, a brown leather jacket with a grey hood thing(?) attached on the inside, black skinny jeans, and navy-colored canvas shoes.




The thing I love about this leather jacket is the zipper! It’s not in the middle but on the left side, which makes the outfit more fun.







Look #3. CAPS. I don’t really wear hats because I don’t like the way they fit awkwardly on my head(maybe it’s because of how my head is shaped?), but my sister loves them and in my opinion they look good on her. She loves hip-hop styled hats with flat fronts(the ones you can find in the brand, New Era Caps).




Colorful flowery hats were a hit in Korea this season.







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Interview with Youtube star MaxNoSleeves(Max Weisz)!

Hey readers! : )

Guess what? I got the chance to interview one of my favorite YouTube stars, Max Weisz! A lot of you probably know him as ‘MaxNoSleeves’, which is the name of his widely popular YouTube channel. With more than 500,000 subscribers, his channel is one of the biggest ones out there-and possibly the funniest! Be sure to check it out after reading this interview. (Click here to go to his amazing YouTube channel. Also, his Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook pages are all full of fun). 


Here goes! (K: Konni, M: Max)

K: Hi Max! Tell us about your YouTube channel and your videos. Why did you start making videos?

M: My YouTube channel is called MaxNoSleeves, because I never wear sleeves, although I started wearing no sleeves long before I started making videos. I make funny silly videos, things that make me laugh.  I started because it’s so much f**king fun.


(a GIF from Max’s videos! : D )

K: Give us a dose of your daily life as a YouTube star. What’s your everyday routine like? Are you always busy and sleep-deprived, or do you tend to just lay back and take it easy?

M: It’s hard because you’re completely on your own; so if you want something done, it’s on you.  I do have an enormous range of freedom in my daily life and I appreciate that greatly, so I go through spurts of extreme productivity and total freedom. That being said, I post a video EVERY Tuesday, so I have to stay somewhat on track.  In a perfect world, I start thinking about my video Sunday evening, write/film/edit on Monday, make finishing touches Tuesday morning, and post. I have a running list of video ideas I want to do, but I usually go with whatever I’m feeling excited about that week. Aaaand if we’re being honest I’m on schedule probably 20% of the time. The rest of the week I get to do a bunch of cool stuff though, I’m pretty lucky.


K: Are you fashionable?

M: Extremely. But I’m going to go with my own definition of fashionable.


K: Why do you cut the sleeves off all your shirts? Was it your idea to do so?

M: I started because I was playing a lot of Beer Pong and the sleeve was restricting my shot.  Then I started doing it all the time because I was just more comfortable in my own skin.

(K:   : D  )


K: Is fashion an important contributing factor in being a successful YouTube star?

M: I think a person’s personal style is a very cool way for them to distinguish themselves and be an individual.  I used to have an office job, and as funny as it sounds, it was a big moment for me to ditch the business attire (I wore the same thing everyone else wore) and start wearing whatever I wanted.  In my opinion, fashion should be personal; a reflection of self.  Haha I feel like I’m getting way too deep here – I just like wearing sleeveless tshirts.




K: What’s the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you?

M: I did a video called “Take Moments,” which was about taking a second to center yourself when you felt like your life was spinning a little out of control.  Probably one of my only serious videos, but I was dealing with some family issues and I just had to get the idea out of my head.  I didn’t think it would really go anywhere, but I got an enormously positive reaction to that video from people saying it helped them in ways I couldn’t have imagined.  It was awesome.

(Click HERE to watch Max’s video “Take Moments”- I’ve watched it and I can guarantee that it will make you feel better on a rainy day when things just aren’t going well.)


K: In contrast, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard?

M: Haha, well it is the Internet, so people can be very mean, but I try not to let those things bother me.  I remember someone once wrote, “I’ve watched every one of your videos, and they all suck,” which at first felt was really mean, but the more I thought about it, I really appreciated that the dude watched all my videos.  There was another dude who would routinely comment the meanest s**t I’ve ever heard on every video I put up. Week after week this guy would top his last comment in terms of venom and malice… and then one week he was gone! And to tell you the truth I was really worried about him.  Was he ok? Was he having health problems?  But he’s back now, so it’s all good.

(K: Wow, that’s the best response to hate comments that I’ve ever seen. Respect.)


K: What do you think of the current fashion industry?

M: Most of my knowledge of the fashion industry is shaped off of Zoolander.  Is Mugatu still doing the Derelicte campaign?


K: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

M: Oh jeez… I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff. When I was in high school I moved to Kunming, China for 2 months, alone.  I didn’t speak a word of Chinese, but I had some family there and I figured it out.  That was pretty crazy.


K: Many of us would LOVE to be YouTube-famous, but tell us, what’s the downside of being a YouTube star?

M: I mean, your life is definitely out there for the Internet to see, but to be honest, it’s pretty much the best job ever. There’s always something to complain about if you’re looking to complain – I just try to appreciate what’s going on.


K: I dare you to make a Wrecking Ball parody video.

M: Haha… I dunno I’ll throw it on the list.


Annnd that’s a wrap!

I had so, so much fun talking to Max and getting to know him, and I hope you guys did too! He’s a really fun guy and an amazing, warmhearted person, too. I’m a huge fan of his videos, so, Max-if you’re reading this, please keep making videos : ) Your hilarious videos make so many people(including me!) smile when they’re feeling down. Thanks for making this world a brighter place.

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How love is portrayed in clothes

Hi readers,

For some of us, including myself, our clothes ARE our love lives(Yeah, that pretty much sums up MY love life…Who’s with me?!). However, there are also those who have more fortunate love lives, those that have a significant other to whisper goodnight to every night, that wish to express the butterflies in their stomach through the clothes that they wear. In this post I’m going to talk about how designers portray the theme of ‘love’ in their clothing designs, and then I’m gonna show you some of the best romantic outfits I’ve spotted here and there, since it was recently Valentine’s day and all!

Every fashion folk knows that ‘Valentino’ is fashion-speak for ‘romantic’. Valentino Garavani is a world-famous Italian fashion designer and his Valentino dresses are romantic enough to charm any man or woman.


(image above: Chloe Sevigny wearing a Valentino dress at the Golden Globes, 2010.)



(image above: Katy Perry wearing a Valentino Couture dress at the Grammy Awards, 2014.)

As you can see from the photos above, the popular Valentino dresses can really make a woman look beautiful and lovable. Although we’re so used to seeing Katy Perry in her wacky bubblegum outfits and colorful accessories, she managed to make us completely forget her funky side and focus on how goddess-like she looks in her elegant, relatively mature dress.

Valentino is famous for portraying the theme of ‘love’ in his dresses by incorporating long, flowy designs and light, sheer fabrics. The silhouettes aren’t big and bold, they’re curvy and layered. His dresses have a romantic, glowing presence-like a subtle excitement-and isn’t that what love is all about?



(image above: from the blog The photo was included in a post about romantic clothing.)

I found the photo above on a blog called ‘Fit and Sexy Lifestyle’. On a post the blogger uploaded about romantic clothing, she posted the photo above and mentioned lovely lace shorts and embellished ruffled tops. Lace designs, ruffles, frills, pink, fluffy textures… These are all things that represent ‘romantic love’ in clothes. This makes me wonder-why do we associate these traits with ‘love’? Can’t love also be hideous and black? Can’t it also be simple and plain, or quirky and weird?


(image above: from Weheartit)

The answer is, it can, but when we think of ‘love’, most of us want to remember that soft, cotton-candy(that’s candyfloss in the UK), sweet feeling-kind of like how it felt to be in love with your high school sweetheart. Most people regard that tickly feeling as the best part of being in love, and loving someone. That’s why designers try to express ‘love’ with soft, gentle textures, curved lines, and sweet colors like baby pink or lavender.

But of course, sometimes we want to show how love can be dangerous and fun. How it can make us feel jumpy and weird inside. How it can be ironic. That’s when the printed tees/dresses from online clothing stores come in.


(image above: Boyfriend T-Shirt with Gothic Love Print from ASOS)


(image above: Faux Leather and ‘LOVE’ Print dress from


(image above: Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMAs, 2011.)

Heck, you could even decide to express ‘love’ by dressing like Nicki Minaj in the photo above. I know I’ve done a lot of rambling, but the conclusion is that love is a wonderful emotion that can be expressed in many ways through clothes. Although ‘romantic clothing’ mainly consists of pink frills and long flowy dresses, it can also be portrayed through studs and spikes and colorful leather. Just like how ‘love’ has a different meaning for everyone, everyone chooses to express it in a different, unique way.

If you have an outfit that you think portrays ‘love’, send me a tweet (@KonniKimDesigns), and I’ll feature your look on Konni Kim Designs(if you want me to, that is.)!

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Love you guys always! ❤

Image Credits (Whew! THAT was a lot of researching.):

Chloe Sevigny’s Valentino Dress For Golden Globes 2010

My best fashion moments! <3

Hey readers!

Today I’m going to show you some of my personal favorite fashion moments! I don’t usually take loads of photos, but I’ve rummaged through my photo album, and found some pretty memorable fashionista moments that I managed to preserve. So take a look through the history of my fashion evolution, and have a good laugh at how weird I look in the pics! XD (but don’t copy/save the photos -just look please! : )

#1. So to start off, here’s my ultimate favorite youngster fashion moment-HA! fashion-forward since 2003!


Whoah. How about THAT. There are flowers everywhere, even on my headband! In this pic I’m wearing baby blue flower print trousers and a vintage embroidered flowy shirt, complemented with a cute necklace. Notice my zig-zagged rainbow colored hair! So… if you have a kid, maybe you should try out this look?-and you’ll be able to blackmail your kid when they become a teenager with a photo of them like this. (Believe me, I’m cringing as I’m writing this. But whatever makes my readers happy makes me happy : )

#2. This photo is much more recent.


This was July 2013, I believe. I’m wearing unique brown gladiator sandals with heels, my favorite Aztec patterned simple t-shirt, and my DIY jean shorts! I say DIY because those shorts were actually long jeans-that is, until I got a pair of scissors and cut them to turn them into vintage shorts. I had to be careful to sew the hemline after cutting the jeans because otherwise the string would keep unraveling and eventually the whole thing would come apart.

#3. The third fashion moment is a photo of me at Korea Style Week!


Yes, those are the same gladiator sandals! This time I’ve matched them with a flowy non-sleeved top and skirt-pants. It looks like a dress, but NO, those are two separate garments. : O I love the blend of how the clothes look classy and a teenie-weenie bit bohemian, and how the shoes complement the outfit really well. The shoes tone down the classiness a notch and create a more laid back, casual outfit that still looks stylish, in my opinion.

#4. And now I’m a country girl!


I’m all set to be a country girl with my flowery shorts, brown Bambi shirt, blue straw hat, and UNICEF canvas bag. All the colors are very nature-friendly, and the texture of the garments are all on the soft side. It’s ironic that I’m trying to be a country gal in the middle of a gigantic Seoul fashion mall though.

#5. This time I am surrounded by nature!


As you can see, the cherry blossoms are lookin’ amazing! This was last spring, and I was out with my friends having fun after midterms. I’m wearing a Teenie Weenie yellow teddy bear shirt, and I’m wearing a plain white t-shirt inside it, to create a layered look. I’m also wearing my bright red skinny-fit trousers and have my blue Uniqlo cardigan around my waist-I love how all the colors clash but look stunning together. It’s all so bright and sunny, so to not overdo it, I put on some simple black canvas shoes. Lovin’ my heart-shaped sunglasses! : D

#6. Again, surrounded my mother-nature!


It’s not often that you spot a wild Konni walking in the mountains, so this pic is really rare. I’m wearing my favorite oversized knit sweater and some soft winter shorts and black stockings, and of course, ma’ boots! Boots are an Autumn/Winter ESSENTIAL for me. I LOVE BOOTS! I like my hair in this pic-the black fluffy hair tie kinda stands out for some reason. And I’ve got some random white headphones that are rectangular.

#7. *Sound effects* Dun dun DUN! It’s me in NYC, the city of my dreams!


I’m sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, pretending to be Serena in Gossip Girl(and miserably failing, yes, I know)! I still remember exactly how it felt to actually be in NY for the first time, and go to the places that I had only seen so many times in my favorite TV series. So since I was probably not gonna be able to go visit NY again for a long time, I thought “Why not channel Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl?” and I did-I tried to go for a laid-back yet slightly sophisticated combination, with my y-shirt and black satin skirt(which you can’t see because I’m covering it with my jacket), and my black ballet flats with small buckles on them. I have an amazing brown leather jacket that completes the look and makes it look much more cooler. Without the leather jacket I would have just looked like a weird businesswoman sitting on the steps alone at lunch break.

Aaand, that’s a wrap! Thanks for staying ❤

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My Inspiration: Nirvana, The Pretty Reckless, Ender’s Game, and more!

Hi readers!

To be honest, I’m supposed to be doing my work right now, but I really couldn’t stop myself from posting to my blog : S I want to meet you guys and connect! It’s the best thing in the world(that is, apart from lasagna and Starbucks).

So…since I have this sudden outburst of urge to talk to you guys, I decided to tell you a little about my daily life, and how I get my inspiration from it.


Recently I moved into a small one-room apartment alone because of my studies and school, and so far it’s great. I have more time to myself to think about things. It’s so much more peaceful and it’s easier to concentrate on my work, whether it’s schoolwork or blog stuff. The downside is, however, that my daily life (or at least the daily atmosphere) is less dynamic, and everything seems more stationary and still. I do get lonely sometimes, and I do feel burdened a lot of the time but I’m learning to cope with it. (I’ve become caught up with the idea that I should deliberately put myself through mild hardships so that I can grow as a person and become stronger and more independent. I’m gonna be 18 next year, and in the UK I would be an adult. I’m gettin’ old! Need to learn how to survive in this world.)

Since I’m alone more often than before, I usually get inspired by the internet. I read other blogs, I research about writers and their masterpieces(these days I’m interested in the Irish novelist James Joyce), I look at photos of modern art, I listen to music etc. So in this post I’m going to share with you some of my latest sources of inspiration

First off, I listen to a lot of rock music. Not the hardcore, heavy-metal stuff(I’ve never really been into that) but more like rock ballads and punk rock, and sometimes indie rock. I downloaded all the songs of The Pretty Reckless yesterday. You probably know Taylor Momsen-she’s the singer of The Pretty Reckless, and I first got to know about her when she appeared on my favorite TV series, Gossip Girl. She’s super talented, and her songs are sensational. My current favorites are ‘Goin’ Down’ and ‘Nothing Left to Lose’. Her voice is so husky and bold, and I love how she sounds so carefree when she sings.


(image above: Taylor Momsen from The Pretty Reckless. I was really shocked when I first found out she was in a rock band. “You mean the Jenny from Gossip Girl?! What?” )

Nirvana is always a classic, and I always end up going back to them every once in a while. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is really unique and captures the essence of Nirvana’s grunge atmosphere. I even figured out how to play it on my piano!

Nirvana in Costumes

(image above: Nirvana!)

I also listen to The Kills, Adele, Katy Perry, Eminem, and classical music. Come to think of it, I’m a really weird music listen-er. I just don’t discriminate genres.

Music is always inspirational, but sometimes all I want is some good, moving writing. I read a lot these days. I recently got into the sci-fi genre which I used to be very distant with, until the day I read Ender’s Game’ and fell into the wonders of science fiction. I’m currently reading ‘CSI:Miami’ and ‘The Towering World of Jimmy Choo’. It’s really cool how I can just pick up a book and step into a completely different world. About a week ago I was reading ‘Nine Days a Queen:The Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey’ and that got me immersed in British history all over again. The Tudors, and the fight to be queen, and how they must have felt… It’s so fascinating. Books always remind me that there’s more to the world. It’s not just about school, and mobile phones, and Facebook, there’s just so much more out there that I don’t know about. It’s like an adventure.


(image above: Asa Butterfield as ‘Ender’ in the recent movie Ender’s Game. When I heard that the Orson Scott Card classic had been turned into a film, I was over the moon. The movie failed to portray everything in the book, but it did a tremendously good job of what it did portray. You can’t expect two hours to capture everything in the book, I guess. Asa Butterfield was amazing as Ender, and I actually cried(yes, literally) while watching the scene where Ender disobeys Bonzo and floats towards the enemy’s gate with two guns. He spins in the air as he goes, and he looks so triumphant and cool, and just…wow. It was EXACTLY how I had imagined the scene while reading the book.)

I think that I don’t deliberately do things to get inspiration, but inspiration just seeps in as I experience things. It comes when you’re least expecting it, so in a way it’s kind of inaccurate to say that I ‘get inspiration’ from the songs and books that I just told you about. It all adds up and one day I find that these books or this certain music has influenced me to think a certain way. Most of the time I don’t even realize it. It’s a queer process, really.

Another notable interesting thing about the process of inspiration is that us humans find most of our inspiration in other humans. It’s so beautiful and intriguing how we’re all connected together in this big knot called inspiration. We influence each other more than we could ever imagine. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Girl with a Pearl Earring Painting

Hey readers,

Today I found my finished oil painting-my altered version of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring.

In my painting the ‘girl’ looks more like an old lady… I actually didn’t intend for her to look like that but I’m just telling everyone that I did it on purpose.  I painted the headscarf a greener shade than the original, because I thought it would contribute to a more mystical atmosphere. Her lips are painted pinker than the original. I wanted her to have a weird, modern edge.


It didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, but oh well. In my defense, I’m more of a watercolor person. This was the first time I had ever done a proper oil painting on a canvas. I guess it’s an okay-ish first try? Right..?!

Interview with actress Heather Shisler

Hey readers : )

Remember when I told you that I’d be interviewing Heather Shisler and you guys all sat in front of your pc screens with sweaty palms, just waiting for that very post?? Well, if you were one of them, you’re in the right place! I got a reply from Heather a few hours ago and trust me-YOU WANT TO READ THIS INTERVIEW-she’s funny, charming, and, not to mention, incredibly beautiful(as you can see). She has a website, too:  so you can send her fan mail after reading this interview : D

(FYI: Heather has appeared on a number of movies and TV series. For example: Taught to Hate (2009), Something About Ryan (2009) and How to Rock a First Date (2010), and the TV series Gossip Girl.)


Here goes! (K: Konni, H: Heather)

K: What’s a typical day like for you?
H: Busy! Every day is different when you are an actor, which I love, so maybe its best to tell you what goes on in a week. I am a student at The Actors Studio Drama school, so when I’m not in class I have plenty of actor homework and rehearsals, this week I went to a couple of auditions, I don’t sleep much. I work hard and play hard. I also take time to get inspired. This week, for example, I found inspiration when I went to see a performance of a new musical at The York Theatre Company. I got to observe the work of other actors at the legendary Actors Studio and attended a taping of Inside The Actors Studio with Amy Adams… talk about inspiring! I started rehearsing a new play this week, somehow I still found time to hang out with friends. I’m extremely social, I think I just love people.

K: How did you become an actress? Tell us how it all began.
H: I was very musical as a kid. I played piano and violin, but when I joined the school choir and my friends realized I was a good singer they dragged me to audition for the school musical. I was exposed to a ton of theater growing up so it was thrilling to actually get up on that stage. I found something I was really good at and I was hooked! I’ve been pursuing acting ever since.

K: Out of all the roles you’ve ever played, which one was your favorite so far? Why?
H: Picking one is impossible, I’d say any role that speaks to me/ touches my heart. I think that personalization is what gives you a chance to reach for that magic that I always hope for in any production I do.

K: What was it like to be on Gossip Girl? What was it like to work with the cast?
H: Well I got to go to mecca that is the Gossip Girl wardrobe and try on clothes so that was pretty much the best. I was only on the episode briefly, but we got to shoot in Central Park which is beautiful so I had a lot of fun. The guest star in that episode came and introduced himself right away and was really generous and lovely. I guess the thing about Gossip Girl that surprised me is the amount of paparazzi lurking around set. It always cracked me up because they would see me and start to frantically take pictures until they realized I was just this random blonde girl and not one of the many blonde stars of that show.


(image above: Heather Shisler in Gossip Girl.)

K: Do you usually watch the movies/series that you appear in?
H: I do. I know a lot of actors don’t like to watch themselves on camera. It’s awkward, like when you hear a recording of your own voice and think, ‘Do I really sound like that?!’ but I just suck it up and watch anyway! I’m always trying to figure out how to do my best work, and I want to know what kind of performance I’m delivering.

K: If you could have any part from any movie/TV series, who would you want to be?
H: Oh wow, I would love to play one of the girls on Downton Abby or do something like House of Cards. I love how well characters are developed on these series, especially given a couple of seasons. Period TV shows like Downton, The Tudors or Mad Men really impress me, the way they create that entire world for an hour every week.


(image above: Heather in a theater performance.)

K: What did you think of Konni Kim Designs? : D
H: I have to say I had a lot of fun on your blog and reading about your fashion inspirations. I was reading it the first time while I was getting my hair done (the time I usually spend getting my inspiration from Vogue and Vanity Fair) I love fashion, inspiration and enthusiasm and your blog has all of those things. I got hooked that afternoon.

(K: That’s so cool! Thanks!)

K: How would you describe your personal style? Who is your style icon?
H: I’ve been told I’m a “prep-ster” I’m so classic but I like to incorporate edge. I love a good pair of boots, I wear then almost every day. I’m super feminine, but again, like to have an edge. Here in New York I’ll throw a leather shrug on top of a blush-lace dress, probably wear booties. I march to the beat of my own drummer, I wear what I want when and where I want to wear it. If there is a trend that I don’t like or isn’t flattering to me I sit it out. If I feel great it what I’m wearing, I’m going to walk out into the world and be great. Last weekend I was feeling awesome on my way to a party in a new outfit and I got stopped on the street by a photographer who loved my style and asked to photograph my outfit right there. I was so thrilled, you always see those pictures of stylish people spotted on the streets of New York and stuff, so I got a kick out of that, not to mention a big confidence boost! As far as people’s style I admire, I think Cate Blanchett always looks so beautiful and she takes risks. I think Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City is a fashion icon. Carrie has that feminine edgy wardrobe that I think generations of women envy. Even years later many of the looks have timelessly held up. Patricia Field is a genius and a true artist. I love accessories, maybe even too many, like Rachael Zoe! But whenever an outfit doesn’t work I always follow Coco Chanel’s golden rule and remove one accessory… it always works!

K: Where do you go to shop for clothes? Any outfits you’ve currently got your eye on?
H: Give me some Ralph Lauren any day their Denim and Supply line is great because its youthful and kinder on your wallet. I shop a lot of jCrew but your grandma can still shop there too, so I pick and choose. Maybe throw in something from American Apparel or Urban to spice up something traditional. I think all my jeans are from Guess. I hate shopping for jeans so if I find a pair that fits I buy a a bunch of them, and Guess fits me like a dream.

K: Are you more of a high-fashion, designer clothes girl or a laid-back, wear-whatever-I-find girl?
H: I don’t have the budget for high fashion but I draw inspiration from it. I believe in buying quality clothing. I find a lot of amazing deals in the City, I just wear stuff I like. I always have my eye out for amazing pieces. I believing in only buying something that I feel really adds to my wardrobe. One time I found this great shirt and it was Crew Cuts (jCrew kids) I don’t care, it fits great, and it was half the price of adult clothes. I always find my favorite things when I’m not looking.


(image above: the brand ‘J Crew Kids’!)

K: If you had a super-cute favorite outfit but everyone told you it looked horrible would you continue wearing it or throw it away?
H: Wear it! Maybe wear it even more often!

(K: That was a terrific answer. LOVE the attitude. I should probably say that the next time someone asks me the same question! : D)

K: Do you go to fashion shows?
H: I have gone to a few fashion shows here in the city, New York Fashion week is so thrilling! I actually walked the runway in the Kristi Vosbeck show for fall fashion week, it was such a blast getting to wear clothes from her Spring 2014 collection.

(K: Wow, impressive! It must have been a wonderful experience.)

K: Who, in your opinion, has the WORST fashion style ever?
H: Tilda Swinton looks great in the movies but so sad on the red carpet. Leighton Meester, although a style icon on her own show, also manages to round up some dreadful read carpet ensembles. She’s so pretty though, she could wear mud and be fabulous.


(image above: Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl)

K: What fashion style do you like on a guy? (Preppy, chic, sporty…)
H: I like some preppy, but don’t dress like your dad, guys. I like someone who has a touch of hipster, but who still gets hair cuts sometimes and showers. I’m impressed by a guy who knows how to wear clothes that fit. Weather it’s well fit jeans or a slim suit.

K: Tell us something embarrassing about yourself! : )
H: I’m an actor I have to say I don’t get embarrassed too easily. I usually think stuff is just funny, like one time I thought something my friend said was so funny I peed my pants. No kidding, those jeans were wet! I guess that was embarrassing.

(K: Hahaha  : D)

Aaaaaaand that’s a wrap! Isn’t she lovely? (I know you’re singing it instead of reading it)

I really enjoyed contacting Heather and reading her answers to my questions. Hope you guys did too! I want to hear what you guys thought, so…

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Here’s a big Thank You to Heather Shisler for participating in this awesome interview and giving fun, creative answers.

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New York Fashion Week, and everything in between.

Hi readers! : D (I remember about a year ago, when I didn’t have any readers to say hi to at the beginning of my posts.. Thank You to all of you that have made it here with me.)

If you Google “Fashion”, you’ll probably get a whole stream of news articles talking about New York Fashion Week, which is currently the biggest ongoing event in the fashion world right now. It runs from Feb. 6th~Feb.13th in a place called Lincoln Center in NYC. (Click here to watch live streaming of NYFW.)

I actually did Google “Fashion” about five minutes ago and did find myself browsing through a long list of fashion-related articles telling me all about NYFW and which designers were showing tonight, etc etc. While reading the articles, I thought “Why not do my own article/post about NYFW but make it more interesting and Konni-Kim-Designs-ish?” So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I thought that since all of you can easily find professional, informative articles and gossip about what the hottest designs are in NYFW, and who attended, and what they were wearing to the event etc, I should tell you guys about what I read in between the lines of those fashion articles. How I see it as a 17 year old high school student wanting to be a part of the fashion buzz.

Here we go.

#1. First off, MODELS.

When you watch videos of the shows in Fashion Week, you can’t help but notice how gorgeous and stern and god-like the models look. They all have spotless, clear faces and stick-skinny limbs and every single one of them is incredibly tall. Why? I kept thinking, “Why?” Why are these the standards for being a fashion model?

Today I asked my best friend if she would model for Konni Kim Designs, because I wanted to do a post about Korean high school students’ fashion. She refused, saying something along the lines of “Find someone else. I don’t think my body is fit to be a model. The clothes won’t look pretty on me.” So I said “But my blog is about real fashion. Actual style in real life. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Anyone could be a model for my blog. Seriously, anyone. You don’t have to be slim or look like Barbara Palvin.” It was a meaningful conversation. At least, to me it was.


(image above: famous model Kate Moss)

The reality of the situation is that society does consider a slender, tall figure as “model-like”. Some people say that it’s the body type that accentuates the clothes the best, and that’s why models should be that way, but I disagree. Real fashion isn’t about making the clothes look as pretty as possible, it’s about expressing something. The feeling of looking at a short, plump person wearing a dress is obviously different to the feeling of seeing a tall, skinny person wearing it-but who says the latter is better? The shorter, plumper person can make a certain statement that the taller person would never be able to make. I’d like to clarify that I’m not against tall, slim models. I’m against the social norm that models must be tall and slim. There shouldn’t be a must for models.


(image above: shirtless Abercrombie&Fitch models in Paris.)

#2. Performances

Since #1 almost turned into a rant, here’s a bit of sunshine from me. I absolutely love the performances in fashion shows. It’s a great way to mix styles and enhance the designer’s message/expression to the public. Sometimes just having models walk around in heels isn’t enough to express what the new collection is all about. Performances show that fashion isn’t just about making nice clothes. In a way, it’s everything. It’s the feeling you get when you see a new dress. It can be the shock you experience when you see Marilyn Manson for the first time. It can be the soft coziness of your favorite fluffy sweater. Performances help you feel those things at a fashion show.

Victoria’s Secret is a lingerie&sleepwear fashion brand that’s famous for its creative shows with great performances. Performances from the hottest stars make their lingerie seem more fun and dynamic, rather than serious and dull.


(image above: Taylor Swift performing ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ at a Victoria’s Secret show.)

#3. Fashion X Art

Another thing I love about fashion shows these days is how I can see that art is seeping into fashion. When I interviewed Vinita Mohan, a fellow fashion blogger, she inspired me by saying that “fashion is art that you wear” and I really agree with her. (Check out the interview here.)

The prestigious high-fashion brand Prada has recently become known for doing this. For example, six artists(Mesa from Spain, El Mac from the United States, Gabriel Specter from Canada, Stinkfish from Colombia, and Jeanne Detallante and Pierre Mornet from France) created murals of women’s faces for the backdrop of a show and for the ready-to-wear pieces.


(image above: Prada’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, with the murals of women’s faces by six different artists)

#4. Exclusiveness (brace yourselves for another rant)

I really dislike how fashion shows have their “seating hierarchy”. Another thing I dislike even more is the exclusiveness of the fashion show itself, especially in Fashion Week. It’s not like a sports game, where anyone can just buy themselves a ticket. Most of the time you have to be specially invited, and only people related to the fashion industry or people who can benefit the brands are invited. For someone who strongly believes in real life fashion that can be applied to the general public, I don’t understand why we can’t all go and see the most prestigious designers’ latest designs. It’s a really big flaw of the fashion world-that it’s so tightly knit together so that “normal people” feel intimidated and excluded. Fashion should stop pretending to be something it isn’t. Come on Fashion, we all know that you’re just like the rest of us.

Thanks for reading : D

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Hey readers! : D (great big smile, because I’m always excited to meet you guys)


I come with stupendous news today! I was just awarded the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by an awesome blogger who runs this blog:

Just Mad Stuff (

It’s a photography blog but this blogger also posts about fashion, food, and other fun topics and I love it! You should really go and give it a visit. She’s an interesting person and she’s also 17-like me! : D

Here’s a very big, affectionate Thank You (internet)hug to the blogger of Just Mad Stuff

internet hug

So  now that I’ve received this wonderful award(Yay!), apparently I’m supposed to pick my own inspirational bloggers and pass on the glory.

Here’s my pick!

#1. Make Something Mondays!

This blogger inspires me because: Her posts are super-unique and I enjoy reading about her DIY crafts. These days she’s posted a lot about Valentine’s Day-this is a sad topic for me because I don’t have a boyfriend : (  but this blogger just makes everything all better by showing us her cute, fun, easy-to-do Valentine’s Day themed ideas! She recently just uploaded a DIY Valentine’s Day themed Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Gift tutorial post, and I actually tried it out at home myself!(and ate it alone while reading a book in my room. #foreveralone *sob*)

#2. Hello Gloua

This blogger inspires me because: She’s one of the most honest bloggers I’ve ever seen, and I know that being honest is hard-especially to strangers. Through her blog, she gives her readers a place in her life, and that’s one of the wonders of blogging. She doesn’t exaggerate or try to act superior-she just gives us a dose of her daily life, and reading her blog is like reading someone’s diary(I know you all love doing that). She’s a fun, sweet person and the story of how she fell in love with her husband really made my heart all warm and fuzzy. : ) (Check out the OUR STORY page on her blog to read the story.)

#3. Sweet and Crumby

This blogger inspires me because: Okay, I admit that I’m not the best cook/baker in the world, but reading this blog makes me want to be! This is a baking blog, which is an area of the blogosphere that’s not really easy to stumble upon unless you’re professionally interested in baking. It’s an area that I’m not too familiar with(being a 17 year old high schooler stuck in a swamp full of school and homework), and that’s why it intrigues me even more! Before coming across this blog, I never knew that baking was so artistic and took so much effort. I salute this blogger’s passion in baking.