A short story about writing, stories, and high school, told by a teenage fashion blogger.

The following excerpt is part of a story I’m writing. If it goes well, I’m hoping to publish it. Please, please, please leave comments below and give me some feedback-any honest thoughts will do, whether it’s praise or criticism or any random thought. Thank you. Do not copy any of the following content on this post without the permission of Konni Kim.


People don’t usually take me for the outgoing, opinionated type. I don’t think they reckon I have anything that interesting to say. Or maybe it’s because I’m not your typical crowd-pleaser type girl.

So I’m just going to shut up and write silently, while everyone else is beating each other up with their witty remarks and noses held high. I’ll just take them apart, one by one, little by little, word for word, until they realize I’ve been watching the whole time. It will hit them like a wrecking ball one day-that my watchful stare didn’t mean nothing. It meant I was observing, waiting for my time to come. They’ll learn that while they were feeling smug about being users and not ‘the used’, I was laughing along with them, but at something much funnier.

I’m using them all as props for my story. I’ll get paid for publishing. I’ll create the world. They’re merely puppets as far as I’m concerned. In my world, I can send them to Pluto or make them lick my feet. Who says reality has to dominate? What everyone wants is a story, whether it’s real or fake. We watch movies, we read, we tell historical tales. The media exaggerates and lies, and we’re forced to spin stories to tell on our college admission forms.

It’s the high school scene that craves for a story most longingly, in a brutal, unforgiving way. So many little cults with different ideologies, packed into tiny compartments where judgement awaits…

It’s pressure that creates the need for a story. Pressure from all angles-parents, peers, school, teachers… No wonder no one here can sit still for even a moment. Prep schools are the worst. Not any old story will do for the stuck-up cliques of prep school.



This post(the piece of writing above) is not necessarily based on myself, or my own experiences.


    1. Hi! Thank you! Your compliment means a lot, especially since you’re a wonderful writer. I visited your blog and I thought it was amazing. I followed and am planning to start being a member of your Punchy family! : )

  1. I enjoyed reading this excerpt very much! You have a good, solid voice and definitely a point of view. (The only jarring moment came at the very end. Don’t think you need that last sentence. “Prep schools are the worst” pretty much says it all–and a great lead into a story that we now presume will be about a prep school.) Good luck with the writing and submission process! I think you will make it.

    1. Thank you so much for the helpful advice! I really appreciate that you took the time to read it and give me your honest opinion. Yes, I probably should change the end part. Thank you again and have a great day! : )

      1. I didn’t realize that it was redundant while I was writing it, but now I see it. Thank you again for your kind support and honest opinion! : )

  2. Wow, Konni! What a powerful writing voice you have! And how true are your words? Best part of being an author is getting the last word. And in print no less 😉 You should definitely expand upon this. I’ve got goosebumps! Thanks for the follow and like on my page! I look forward to reading more of your writing!

    1. Thank you! I’ve never really put my writing out for everyone to read before, so I was worried about what people would think of my writing style. It means so much to me that you like it! Thank you so much. Have an amazing day.

      1. Same with me, Konni! I just started my blog a few weeks ago and it is the first time I’ve showed my writing to anybody. So, I know exactly how you feel every time someone views or comments on my stuff. Keep going though! It’s honestly very good.

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