The iMerchandise Fashion APP

Hey readers!

This is a shout-out to all you fashion buyers.

We all know how busy y’all are-taking orders, making orders, arranging clothes, desperately trying to impress your reps… but fear not, for I have found a simple smartphone app that will make your lives a whole lot easier. You no longer have to take care of the whole buying/ordering process-this means you’ll be able to go to fashion shows or showroom appointments stress-free and cramp-free since you wouldn’t need to carry anything with you except your stilettos, purse, and of course, phone.

Ladies and gentlemen…
I present the iMerchandise Fashion app. (It’s FREE)

fb1 (1)


A few days ago the iMerchandise team contacted Konni Kim Designs about the new application. Although I’m not a fashion buyer, I’ve looked around and done some research and I can guarantee you that this app is THE HOTTEST THING this season. It’s already been featured on California Apparel News, Lucky Magazine, Iconic! TV Fashion and Entertainment, and more. I’m lucky to have the chance to be the one to spread the word about this app.

So here’s how it works.

You can organize your fashion appointments into different events. For each event, you can save the photos of the products you have your eye on. You can easily organize your clothes on boards, numbering and moving your pictures around freely. You can write notes and email your rep with the new images on your board with just one tap of the finger.

You no longer have to sort out your orders and bills by desperately trying to jot everything down in your notepad and get your paperwork organized by yourself. This app will do it for you. Plus, it’s ultra user-friendly and designed just for your comfort and work efficiency! Go on, get that extra coffee break while iMerchandise deals with all the complicated stuff.


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Visit for more information.

Watch this 1 minute video to see what it’s all about!


iMerchandise icon (1)

(image above: the logo for the application.)


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