Liebster Award Nominations!

Hey there.
The Liebster Award can be given by any blogger to blogs with less than 200 followers! It’s a great way to link the blog community, share the love, and help people find new blogs. From what I’ve heard, it was started by a German blogspot blogger.

Liebster Award

‘Liebster’ is a German word for: sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome.

Building a community is crucial as a blogger, and that’s what blogging is all about-connecting with people. The Liebster Award is a perfect example of it.

So… here are my nominees!
I love Jessthetics. It’s currently one of my favorite blogs. The posts are so real and honest, and everyone can relate to them. Jess always uploads her blog with fresh, unique new content about DIY, crafts, clothes, cooking etc.
This blog is AMAZING. Very informative and fun. I would definitely recommend this blog to fashion-lovers. Time flies when you’re reading this blog. Plus, the people that run it seem really nice and friendly : )

Thank you for the inspiration! Keep up the good work! : ) Congratulations ❤

To nominate a blog, upload a post with your nominee(s) blog names and links and inform your nominee(s). You must add the certificate image(above).

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