Past trends of 2013 -A walk down memory lane


The 2013 Spring/Summer scene was all about cool. Not feminine and girly and vulnerable, but cool and unique.

01 3.1 Phillip Lim, Spring 2013

02Taylor Swift

Remember how everyone was wearing quirky sunglasses?

We were all trying to keep our baby pink, girly-girl side aside for a bit.

There were all sorts of unisex-looking pieces on the runway, from Bermuda shorts to short suits.


I personally love, love, LOVED it! I really enjoy turning down the ladylike-ness and just being laid-back and looking cool.

The patterns this spring were very ‘loud’, too. The colors clashed and bold stripes ruled the runway.

Black and white were in style again.

05       06


(image above)My FAVORITE piece from the Chanel 2013 Spring collection.


(image above) My favorite model of all time, Cara Delevingne, at Chanel 2013 Spring.


A few slits on the clothes here and there to show off some skin seemed to be trendy.


(image above)Summer 2013 Fashion Trends

Notice the popping colors-bright red, bright yellow, bright green, and the big trousers and suits. And the sporty dresses.


The bold look and the laid-back comfy look stayed on the runway in the later months of the year.

We could still see the big, slouchy trousers. But there was also some new stuff- beanies, high boots, classic patterns etc.


(Images above) ICB by Prabal Gurung, BCBG, Ralph Lauren          -Fall 2013

If Spring/Summer 2013 had statement sunglasses, Fall/Winter 2013 had statement outerwear!


(Images above) Victoria Beckham, Marchesa                  -Fall 2013


Some classic tartan prints on the runway.

I love the one on the right. (image above)

Remember how whenever you flipped through your tabloids you saw all these celebrities wearing long-ass boots with long-ass shoelaces on them? And remember how we all wished we owned a pair of those sexy boots(Well, I did. Wish, I mean.)?


Rihanna LOVED her thigh-high boots this past winter season. She was seen wearing them all over the place.

Turtlenecks and rounded shoulders were also a hit. (Both of which I personally disagree with.)


(image above)Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Trends

22Rodarte, Fall 2013.

The New York collections used a lot of folk patterns, which I fell in love with instantly.

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(Images from slideshow,,,, slideshow)



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