The world’s most beautiful handbags to brighten up your holiday season.

(All images on this post are from

I’m sitting at my dining table with my laptop, smartphone, and a pot of hot ramen. I was looking through my inbox, feeling great that I had 27 emails(although most of them were alerts about my accounts on fashion blogging communities), when I stumbled upon an email from Angela & Roi Handbags. They had sent me an email explaining their brand’s cause and their mission, Donate By Color, politely asking me for support.

Immediately, I felt my faith in humanity being restored.

Here are captured images of some of Angela & Roi’s handbags. (Captured from their website,


Angela & Roi is a handbag brand that combines fashion and philanthropy through colors.

Handbags are categorized into different colors, and each color represents a different medical issue. For every handbag sold, a portion of the profit is donated to charity(to a non-profit organization) by Angela & Roi.

“Handbags with a purpose” -as described on the Angela & Roi website.

Why not give your loved ones an Angela & Roi bag this winter holiday? Meaningful- for you, the receiver, and for other people out there who will be given hope to continue living.

Here are some captured images of gift ideas from the Angela & Roi website,


Hope you spend your holiday season with warmth and smiles : )


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