Korea Style Week 2013

This is actually a topic I’ve been meaning to post about for months. Yes, months. After attending Korea Style Week 2013, which was held in COEX (in Gangnam-“gangnam style!”) I was determined to share the experience with you guys but I got caught up in a whirlwind of other things, and forgot all about my Korea Style Week photos downloaded on my pc. (Sorry about the lame excuse. But I’m a human too!)


To attend, I had to register online in advance(thankfully my friend informed me of the event on time). It was really simple, just a few clicks. I was super-excited.



There were heaps of stalls with designers from various backgrounds. I think most of them were from Fashion/Design Universities in Korea. I looked around at all the fashionable people. It made me so…content. I was surrounded by fashion!

The BEST thing about Korea Style Week was that the fashion was so fresh and new. Since a lot of the designers/sellers were from newer, not-as-well-known brands looking for publicity, I found that most of them were pretty young. I was able to have a taste of what the younger generation defined as “fashion”. I’ve seen plenty of the classics-designs from Chanel, Vera Wang, Michael Kors etcetc(you know the list). I’m sure everyone has. But the thing that draws them(and myself) towards events like Korea Style week is that we want to see fresh faces in the fashion industry. We want to see the start, the planting of the seed, since all we see in fashion magazines every day is the fruit attained after one’s long journey through fashion.


These sandals from this brand are cool- you can change the fabric part of the flip flop that goes around your toe. #Practical

Funky socks!! Who knew socks could be so fashionable..

Some unique canvas bags.

More bags.





Fun hip-hop style caps seem to be the trend here in Korea.

These oversized, sporty, hip-hop style tops were really popular among teens and people in their early 20s this year in Korea. I guess they do look hip.

Finally, the RUNWAY!!






Aaaaand that’s a wrap!
The motto of today: visit Gangnam for some youthful fashion.

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