Art is Personal.

Long time no see, everyone.


Well, I’m back. I’m back, and I’m a ‘new me’. I took some time off this month to ponder about myself. I found out how interesting I actually am. Yes, this does sound egotistic. But the thing is, we’re so caught up in ‘reality’ that we don’t realize the reality of each and every one of us being amazing people. We’re so busy studying, working, or caring for other people that we don’t get to know ourselves. I think that one of life’s biggest tasks is to actually know yourself. It sounds easy, because we seem to know all about ourselves-what we like, what we don’t like, what our intentions and thoughts are, what we value… But we never face ourselves in a different perspective. We don’t often have the opportunity to meet our true inner selves.

Maybe that’s why art exists. -To tell people, “Hey, this is YOU.”
Throughout the years, I’ve wanted to be many things. When I attended primary school, I LOVED drama classes. My Monday drama classes were the one thing that I looked forward to and waited for all week. After that, I wanted to become a vocalist/musical artist. After that, I’ve wanted to be so many other things that I can’t really think of all of my childhood dreams right now. However, I realized that one thing has always stayed consistent, no matter what. I’ve always had a thirst for art, whatever kind it is. I’ve always loved art. I just didn’t realize it until a few months ago.
Art has always been the key to my inner self. Creating and expressing through art has always made me be more honest to myself. Whenever I’m drawing, painting, singing, or simply doodling on my notebook, I always reveal my vulnerable side to myself during the process of expression through art. Art is my truth.

Art isn’t solely about beauty. I’ve never felt that art is only about creating beauty. Art is actually extremely personal. Real art is not about whether this person will approve of me or not. It’s about ME. But this doesn’t mean that all artists are self-centered. As personal as art is, it’s also a strong connection to the world, and to other people. For example, I connect with all of you through this blog. It’s not much yet, but honestly I feel genuinely happy when someone follows this blog or likes a post on it. It makes my day. It just puts a smile on my face to know that some random person appreciates my art. : )

Thank you for visiting Konni Kim Designs.



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