Me, myself, and I.

I’ve been getting feedback on this page. I’ve been told that I should post more of my own artwork that can show my uniqueness. The feedback made me stop and think. I realized that bloggers mostly liked posts about my own creations and thoughts. I should be more true to myself, and put more of ‘me’ into my art. That’s exactly what I am going to do.

The photo shows a piece of art that I created a month ago. It’s about me, myself, and I. The red wire symbolizes a connection between my mind and my heart, and I expressed my past, present, and future by using different versions(images) of me from different phases of my life. I expressed my passion and my weaknesses. I tried hard to make the artwork look artistic, but in the end I didn’t like the combination of random colours, so I threw it away. I regret throwing it away, because it showed my true colours.
The artwork may have been flawed, but it was original and genuine.

I am flawed. Everyone is. We should try to improve ourselves and get rid of our flaws. However, we should also remember that we are all beautiful and original.


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